Help! How to clean Lady Dior Wallet in white?

  1. Hi ladies, my wallet gets a little bit dirt even though i really really take care of my sweetheart. I have contacted the sales lady at the store, however, she said she was not quite sure about it. I do not want to ruin my wallet, so I need advices from your ladies.

    A million thanks!!!!!!:yes:
  2. Hi there!

    I took my Lady Dior to a leather cleaning specialist who re-dyes leather to their original colors (provided that they clean them first). My Lady Dior had some scruff marks and corners that were dirty, and after they were done cleaning my bag, I was SHOCKED! The bag looked BRAND NEW and the color that was used to re-color those marks matched the color of the bag EXACTLY!!!!

    Here's their website...

    Good luck cleaning your wallet! If you want to try something easier, you can use baby wipes on the dirty parts, or even go to a shoe store to buy some leather cleaning cream (neutral color).
  3. Thanks a lot, May!!