Help! How to clean grosgrain bow?

  1. Hi everyone!
    My amazing bf got me my first designer wallet for our anniversary: a Tiffany blue Ferragamo wallet!
    Sadly I already got the grosgrain bow dirty :[
    There are slight tan-ish marks on the outer corners of the bow

    Does anyone know how to get the stains off without ruining the grosgrain?

    Thank you in advance!
  2. I would like to know as well, the brown bows on my varinas got dirty and I have not worn them because I cannot get them clean.
  3. I have similar questions

    Also, do ladies here think patent is more durable than none patent versions of Vara?

    Sorry I am a newbie here and can't seem to find the clean and caring threads here
  4. Good morning. Unfortunately we are a low traffic forum and I'm sorry about that. You can always start your own threads about specific Ferragamo items, or for shoes, ask in

    As for cleaning, the best place to ask is a Ferragamo boutique. Grograin ribbon is made from a variety of things...could be silk, rayon, poly, or a blend. Also removing a stain depends on the type of stain.

    To answer you question calflu about patent... Ferragamo shoes are well made. My experience with patent leather in well made shoes is this: Patent is less supple than calf, goat or napa leathers. They do not stretch out like non treated leathers, so get a comfortable shoe right from the start. If patent gets a noticeable stain it is much for difficult and sometime impossible to clean. So I would say to be more careful with patent leather, and make an effort to prevent them from getting scuffed or scratched.
  5. Thank you!

    And I do think many ladies come here though just by looking at the # of reveal!

    I see a lot of Ferragamo shoe lovers here!
  6. ive used mr clean magic eraser but be sure to spot check as it can damage or discolor certain materials
  7. hi, I recently "laundered" the gross grain bow on my Vara mini bag. I covered the surrounding leather with plastic wrap to protect that area. I also put a piece of plastic wrap over the brass plate on the bow. Okay, now only the gross grain is exposed on my Vara mini in Macaron. I then sprayed the bow with a laundry pre-treatment and as per the directions, let it sit for 15 minutes. After the prep treatment, I used a mild dw detergent with a soft, non abrasive cloth, to work up a lather on the bow and then used another soft cloth to rinse the suds. I then stuffed the interior of the bow loops with more clean plastic wrap and allowed to dry. Much better = but could be improved upon. I did another laundry stain pre treatment spray, 15 minutes, then a thorough rinse. More stuffing into the bow loops, mainly to "block" the bows so they wouldn't be wrinkled. Two days later, completely dry and the bow looked brand new. No difference in appearance between the top of the bow and the underside which is never touched or exposed to the elements. I was really impressed with how the bow worked out so I'll do the same to my ivory Vara shoes. Really freshened up my bag, looks brand new. Important to use a soft cloth because you don't want to wear the fibres on the bow.
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  8. Thanks for this. Going to try this on my shoes. Always wondered how others clean their bows
  9. Thanks for this info. Can you share the brand of pre-treatment spray? Did you get any color bleed at all?
  10. Hi, I used "Resolve Gold" laundry stain remover. I didn't get any colour bleed because the vara mini bow was in Macaron which is a very pale pink beige. Maybe try a tiny test spot on the underside of the bow first? My bow was quite soiled and grubby looking so I figured anything would be better. Important to use a soft non-abrasive cloth so the gross grain fibers don't get "roughed up". This little experience actually emboldened me to wash a vintage Gucci bamboo handles mini shopper - but that's another posting to come:smile:
  11. You can have Ferragamo replace the bows. It's $35.
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