HELP~How possible to pruchase from Chanel Boutiques overseas??

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I'm in love with the S/S 2.55 in color metallic white, unfortunately Melbourne Chanel Boutique will not get any in this color. So I'm thinking if I could buy from Chanel boutiques overseas such as US or CANADA through telephone or email.

    Do you guys think it is possible??
  2. hey angela, are you in melbourne also? How much do the reissue cost in Australian dollars? And when do you think they will come in? I called the store yesterday and the SA told me I should just continue calling everyday to check .. the problem is I am not in Melbourne currently and will only be back next week... so just want to know what colours are available in the Melbourne boutique and how much are they.. Thx so much!
  3. I do not believe that any of the U.S. boutiques ordered the white metallic 2.55 for SS08. Maybe Canada did. Go to the Chanel website and there you will find the telephone numbers for the Canadian boutiques.
  4. I know Toronto Holt's Chanel have some:yes:. I saw them last week but not sure will they ship oversea?? Good Luck.
  5. I think it's about 3300AUD something. Yesterday I received a call that they got a silver one coming, but when i got there after work it has been sold~~~~Coz my SA is on holiday, so the other SAs said no hold for 2.55~~~

    And you know how stupid they are? They told me that if they have called you once then your name will be ticked off on the request list and you will not receive any call lata regardless what colors you have waitlisted. OMG! Unbelievable~~~Anyway the other SA suggest me to call the boutique regularly to see if they have receive any, that's it~~~:tdown::tdown::tdown: