Help! How on Earth am I going to get a Black 30cm Birkin???

  1. Hi! I am in love with the Black 30cm Birkin with Silver Palladium Hardware. I would like one in an affordable type of leather. Somthing grainy, not exotic.

    I haven't the first clue as to how to track one down and do not have any sort of connections with SA's at boutiques. I live in the U.S. New York City. I do not need the bag this instant, not even this year, I am prepared to wait.

    I really need some guidance here as to what I need to do...
    I'm not a millionaire, but willing to pay sticker price and new at the whole Birkin phenomenon.

    Can anyone provide some advice?

    Thanks! ;)
  2. Its a good thing you don't need the bag this instant. Black birkins are so popular I doubt they last five minutes on the shelves in the Madison Avenue store, IF they even make it to the shelves. Your best bet is just to start building a relationship with an SA. That store is particularly difficult to deal with in my opinion. Its the US flagship store and SO many people in NY are clamoring just to get on the waiting list, which depending upon whom you ask is closed. Bukky Akano is one nice SA that I have had dealings with when I was in the store. You should try and talk to her. She was willing to help me get a birkin the first time I met her! :smile:
  3. Ok, first you need to establish a good relationship with an SA. Since your in New York you can stop into the Madison Ave store it's located
    on 61st & Madison. Walk in and DO NOT ask for a Birkin. They are all so charming in that store and egar to assist everyone!! Please do not be intimidated by the store and the people who work there, they all have big hearts and whoever helps you will treat you like a :queen:

    Start slow, a scarf here, a accesory there. But always stick to the same SA. Then let her know what you want, trust me you will get a call. Give her/him all your info. and what your looking for and you'll see.

    I'm editing this because of Nathan's comment. ALL of the SA's are charming in that store, it is true that it is the flagship store in new york and that why YOU CAN find bags here. Before anything makes it on the floor they call their clients that are interested in that particular bag. Just trust me, walk in and make freinds. You'll have your Birkin by next year. You'll be able to build a relationship with a sa in less than that time.
  4. ^^ Agree! Good luck finding your dream bag!
  5. NO offense, but I met some nasty ones in that store and some other PF people have too.
  6. Bukky Akano is wonderful to work with at NY store! She is great!

    I agree with nathansgirl1908. Some SA are very friendly, but some are just nasty:yucky: .
  7. okay, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Eire go in and see for yourself.
  8. No, no, baggaholic! It is not that your opinion is wrong. NOT AT ALL!
    Just I (nathansgirl1908 and some other memebrs) had a bad experience in there...I had a bad experience just once. But that SA was just NOT NICE for no reason!
  9. Sorry to here that Aspen. Do you remember her name?
  10. I LOVE the NYC store and I haven't even stepped foot inside yet! Every time I call I get nothing but excellent service from whoever I talk to. Every time! I bought my Trim from them and it arrived within two days packaged beautifully! Allison has been just delightful and in fact I feel bad because I was supposed to get back to her on a Bern wallet and I completely forgot!!!!!!! Yikes!
  11. Oops I just realized I didn't address the initial question!

    Eire.....I don't have a Birkin but I do have a gorgeous Kelly I bought at the SF store not too long ago. I can tell you as everyone else has that it really depends on the relationship you develop with your SA. I never see Birkins on the shelf in SF....I think I saw one ONCE and it was a 30cm toile/leather with the stripe down the toile. I don't think it lasted but a few days. It's a long process but a fun one and you get to bring home some lovely Hermes items....scarves or small leather goods or jewelery along the way. I promise you that Hermes grabs you and doesn't let you go so enjoy the road to a's a fun ride!!!!!
  12. I second that!
  13. In NYC there's a resale shop FULL of Hermes Birkins, I'm amazed each tiem I go in! And actually the way I found them was the SA at Madison Avenue told me about it, he said that when there aren't any Birkins and you're looking for one, to go there... I'm not "plugging" this store, I have nothing to to with it. But it does exist and they have a window full of them! I try to go past it when they are closed so as not to be tempted...;) Also I think they guarantee authenticity and have a pretty great relationship with Hermes, for the SA to actually recommend them! That's an Idea.:idea: ( for your blakc 30 I mean) To call all the good resale shops ( god Knows NY is full of them! :graucho: ) and say you're looking for a black 30 cm Birkin and to call you when they get one in. You may get a used one (or sometimes some Park avenue ladies, buy them just so they don't turn down any bags they are offered at the Hermes store, and then they just bring them right into their local resale shop. Jackie O used to bring brand new clothes in with the tags still on them to "Encore" and take the cash for it on the spot! ) If you want a list of the highest end ones, let me know.. Unforutnately for my wallet, I do the rounds of them way too often!:supacool: I don't want to go against the rules and list them here, or can I? Ok,justt saying, if Hermes doesn't have it and you live in the resale capital of the country!!! Go for it, try your luck at the consignment shops! I once got a gently used Brick red Birkin at the one nearest my office! On my lunch break! That was a great day!

    PS -:girlsigh: I agree with some of you that NYC H store has very few nice SAs and mostly are pretty nasty..( and for no good reason).
  14. interesting. Do you think they feel that it will hinder their ability to get bags later? I had to ask.
  15. I agree with the gals here. Just go to the store and have a look around. Another one which might help is maybe ask for the color/leather book and tell them that you would like to purchase a Birkin in the future and would like to see the catalog to have more knowledge. This way, they also know that you are interested in learning more about Hermès.

    It also wouldn't hurt to buy a scarf. ;)