help !! how much is it for a plum small cavier flap??

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  1. I am :crybaby:

    I bought a Chanel Plum small cavier flap?? in 2006 and I returned it!!!~~ Cuz I used that to buy a dior thinking chanel always stays the same style anyways and I can get it later

    That was a horrible mistake since Chanel is increasing all its prices.. OMG.. can anyone tell me how much it is to buy that same style now? HELP!!! :crybaby:

    By the way I think it was about $1095 before tax last year in Chanel boutique
  2. also, If anyone seen this somewhere, please let me know. I am open to most colors. TIA
  3. ANYONE??? PLEASE PLEASE. PRETTY PLEASE. how much is that classic flap caviar? anyone knows??

  4. A small caviar flap is around $1795, before price increase on Feb 1 it was $1495.

    But considering the price you paid last year I think you mean the East/West flap. Before price increase it was $1095, now $1325. Hope this helps.
  5. thanks a bunch.. do you know if this price for the east/west flap would increase again in April?

    hMM.. i am seriously thinking of dashing to Chanel tomorrow to buy it. But I heard the plum ones are no longer avaliable
  6. I'm not sure if the increase will hit the e/w caviar flaps.
    But if you're heading to Chanel tomorrow, maybe you can ask them about that. Hopefully the answer is no :crybaby: