HELP how much customs should I expect to pay??

  1. I have saw a bag in the US that I have been trying to hunt down for a while and am desperate for it. It is in the sale for $700 which is great but I am really worried about customs to the UK - does anyone know how much I would be expected to pay on this amount?????

    Thanks so much for your help
  2. You can actually do a search on google, and you will see some links to export/import section. I recently bought a pair of shoes from US and the tax should be about 17% of import and then VAT again. However it went thru custom without getting taxed, I guess I was lucky. I will try to look for you now. Hold on a sec!
  3. Thanks CC - yes thats what I thought - somehow makes my sale bargain less of a bargain!
  4. i didnt think you payed customs in the UK - i have never been charged it :shrugs:
  5. Gosh Haute you have been lucky then. YOu definately need to pay it unless the person sending you the item marks it as a gift but if you do that then your insurance is obsolete if it gets lost as they will only cover the amount insured and as a gift you would need to mark it down. Been burnt that way before going the other way! I guess I think I might just leave buying items from the US to save on all the horror stories I hear of 40% customs charges.