Help! How long does it take for your Ignes to reach you?

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  1. hi…..
    I know that most of you here always buy bags from Ignes. Is there anyone who just bought pouch from Ignes?
    I just bought a pouch last month and was informed that it was being mailed out on the 23rd Dec 2008.
    However till now I have not received it. I know that it’s Xmas season and all but it has been around 2 weeks. :sad::sad:
    Though a small pouch, I am so looking forward to it.
    Can I check normally how long does it take to reach you? By the way, I live in Singapore.
    I have received big parcel from my friend in US before and it only takes around 10 days to reach me.
  2. it may be because of the holiday season, a couple of items which I ordered overs hols reached me just last week.

    the ignes bag took about 8 days to reach me after they had said it was mailed, I am in US btw.
    maybe u can e-mail them and enquire
  3. ^ True. They are on a bit of holiday and have been too, I think, so things are a bit slower, plus all the Christmas season orders. Did they do tracking or is it just regular mail? The regular mail from Uruguay takes forever.
  4. I live near the US distribution center, so I get my bags really fast. I think with regular mail, it's pretty slow. Maybe you can ask Ignacio?
  5. thanks all for the info. It's via regular mail. I think I will continue to wait for it.
    Hope it will reach here soon. :smile: