HELP ....How durable is Damier Geant???/

  1. Can someone tell me quick how durable is damier geant?????

    i really like compagnon but not sure whether its will fray, plucked stains or whether its water proof.

    for that much money i want my bag to be long lasting.

    also loup or compagnon or navilgio????? Or any other ideas

  2. My son's navilgio has held up well...and he is not that careful...
  3. very durable...i haven't gotten a snag at all. and i've had my geant messagner for a little over a year. i've used it the rain and snow, and there's only minimal vachetta so there's nothing to worry about on that part. i've used it as a diaper bag, purse, a school bag, a laptop bag, a carry on, and it holds up well.
  4. I have the Geant Messenger for a year now and it still looks brand new!

    I use it pretty much everyday
  5. i've had my Pionnier backpack for almost 3 years now and the Geant material still looks crips and new. no snags, pulls or stains. the only bits that show age are the darkened vachetta trims. you'd notice only the fake Geants would have fuzz or bubbles under the surface. very durable and worth the price imo.
  6. is it waterproof?????

    now u guys made me want to change my naviglio to compagnon or the loup. which one?
  7. haha fuzz or bubbles underneath what? and to answer the question, yes mine has held up well BUT it is fraying a little but it is OVERLY abused imo I really dont care, I use my bags but on top of that this is also my school/knock around bag and its always on the floor, sometimes in the rain, and its rubbed up again bricks on the school building a few times (which IS WHY it is unraveling but only on the corners and maybe 2 or three fibres only so its not a big deal but I cant explain how much abuse goes into it I throw it across the room as well its completely abused BUT the thing is it still looks amazing no snagging or anything just a few loose fibres of string on the top and bottom left hand edge which is usally where it gets hit against the bricks) but if u use it like a normal human with normal abuse instead of practically murdering it like me(and mines still pretty close to 100%!) I have no doubt it will be 100% for a VERY long time. And whenever the vachetta gets wet it always dries, no stains and I use baby wipes on it once a month for a nice patina/cleaning!

    also there is a lining inside so if water gets through there has to be alot of it and I spilt water on the front canvas soooo many times and it's 100% nothing leaked onto my laptop or books or anything. Anythign else would be DUNNN by now had I treated it like this!
  8. ^^^ hahahahahahah u made me laugh so badly with ur message :roflmfao: :roflmfao: . I can get the feeling u really absue ur bag by just reading ur message. well i do take care of my bags but at the same time i throw my bags around epecially after i had it for a while. but i'm sure i will treat them like a human being.

    but still can someone tell me whether i should keep my naviglio or change it to Loup or Compagnon???????????????????????

    Oh also i read another thread there is a new color coming in this line in navy color ummmm...... i cant imagine the color to be honest but i love blue so hopefully a pic will be issued soon
  9. I can imagine the blue I think it will be OK but not great, a lighter blue would be hot, but I REALLY want the sable messenger does anyone know if it is still available? Also one last thing, I say go for the compagnon is damier geant and holds QUITE a bit!
  10. I think the sable messenger maybe still available but i cant see it online. maybe there are some in stores. get it before it disappear.
  11. Well since Damier Geant is made of ultra-strong technical fibers similar to those used in mountain-climbing ropes, it is designed to be VERY durable.

    I have heard of minor fraying that happens to these bags with time.

    Hmmm... I would not recommend the Naviglio. It's soooo small IRL, and I found it hard to get in and out of the bag, with the zipper being in the way. I suggest getting a Loup!!! :supacool:
  12. now i want geant!!!!
    uhh! and less than a week til my wapity! i'm going to have to save forever!