Help: How do you translate H belt sizes into American sizes?

  1. I did a search on H belts but didn't see any threads that explain what size to get if you go by American sizes. For example, if someone is a size 6 or a size 10, what size H belt does that translate to?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. hey ozzysmom! i'm not sure if they do translate...i am a size 10 and wear most of my pants lower on my waist so i ended up getting a 95! though i think a 90 would have fit me fine as well. i guess the best advice i gots for you is to try them on in person if you can! maybe someone else can help you with sizing. maybe hermesgroupie?
  3. Thanks Pigeleto. I was looking at Luxury-Zurich and am nervous about ordering without some guidance regarding sizing.
  4. Ozzysmom,

    Divide the number on the belt by 2. To get the cm to inches conversion. Measure the part of the waist you plan on wearing the belt on for inches. Add 6 inches onto you waist measurement to allow for some overlap of the belt. Multiply by 2 to get back to the cm nuber on the belt.

    So for example: If a belt says 78, it is 36 inches long. This belt would best fit someone with a waist of 30 inches or less.

    Always order a larger size than you think you may be. Hermes will resize the belt for you.
  5. actually, :blush: to be quite nerdy, the cm to inch conversion is 2.54 cm equals 1 inch.

    that's a cool method of finding the right belt size, hope it helps, ozzysmom! and the belts on LZ are quite a bit less expensive than the boutiques. now the belts are around 480 i think for a regular H belt (not mini sized).
  6. Do you have a tape measure? I just slipped one through my belt loops to get my measurement in centimeters. Easy peasey.
  7. Wow, this is hugely helpful! Thanks!
  8. ^ he he, that works too ;)
  9. Pigletto,

    I know :smile: , but My mini C belt doesn't believe it!:nuts:
  10. hey, whatever works :biggrin: we are all in this together! ;) he he he!
  11. Good question! I might look at these next Boston visit!
  12. I usually wear my pants below the waistline and I seem to buy the belts in an 80cm size. They will punch more holes in the belt, OZZYS so you can wear the belt with trousers that sit at waist height.
  13. Thanks for everyone's input. I think this might be my next H acquisition.
  14. hey guys, revisiting the belt thingy

    my belt is actually a little too big for my pants that sit at waist level. can the local store punch a hole or will they have to send it away? am too afraid to do it myself or have someone do it for's an expensive piece of leather! :sweatdrop:
  15. They send it away. I have to confess..I would take it to a local shoe repair shop first....not worth the wait for a belt.(Don't curse my Hermes gods)