Help? How do you tie a TWILLY?

  1. Hello ALL,

    I'm very computer illiterate, and this has probably been posted before, but I can't or don't know how to find it...

    HOW DO I TIE A TWILLY?? I'm computer illiterate and a tying dummy!!:confused1:

    Ooops, forgot to introduce myself....I live in Cali, and AZ, and I just got the Hermes bug. I have been a Chanel and Prada fan, but mainly CC. I have been helped by two people here on the boards...You know who you are MAINLY...and I really appreciate the help. If the person wants to be known, then Shout a HEY!. Anyways, I will take pics soon. I'm a mom of several kids, and this is my outlet..Shopping for purses, shoes, and jewelry. I've been reading more than writing stuff. Also, I want to thank all those who post here....I'm learning all good stuff!! Thanks for the stress relief, the laughs, and the educational value from this board. Take Care!

    Thanks in advance on how to tie this twilly!!:smile:
  2. ^ Hi! Twillys are great! Do you want to tie them on your bags? They look cute just knotted or tied into a bow on the handle. Also, you can casually loop a Twilly once around your neck (great with a white blouse) OR, Hermes sells a special mini scarf ring made just for the Twilly...
    Many ideas!
  3. Is it long enough to be use as a head band?
  4. ^ yes, I can do that also. It's cute tied onto a ponytail, as well.
  5. I use mines as headbands. They're perfect for me because I have a big head. So I don't have the ends hanging down my neck like with other scarves.
  6. i love to wear them rock starish on the wrist
  7. Ooops. I forgot to ask a more appropriate question....

    I need help to tie it on my purse?? I could tie it on my head and LOVE IT! It's so pretty. I don't know how to tie it on my purse??:confused1: See computer dum-dum here!

    Thanks for all the great info so far! These are very versatile. I got a black one with some psychedelic colors on it. It's so pretty. It looks okay with my has the letter P on the label...Do you think it has a name on it? I haven't looked at it yet b/c the kids are home now and don't want to mess it up...I just put it in the drawer back in the little round box. :P
  8. You can just tie a bow onto your purse, or tie a knot and let the ends hang loose!
  9. To tie it on my bag so that the ends aren't too long, I fold it in half and then just tie it so it looks like one half a bow on one side near the handle, and the other ends fall nicely down the front
  10. This is bit off topic but its about tieing the ribbons on the boxes..
    I noticed how beautifully tied the H boxes were but as soon as I tooked it apart I couldn't figure out how she did it!
    (it was a bow but with the middle not empty but had a part of the ribbon wrapped around it...) Am I making any sense?

    If not I'll try to re-explain myself. TIA ladies!!!! :smile:
  11. That is one of the great mysteries of the 21st Century!!!!

  12. Yes, any tips on how to re tie that Hermes ribbon will be appreciated.......then I can have a sneaky look at my birthday pressie!:shame:
  13. Thanks, I've been looking at everyone's, and I did have the problem of it being long and dangling past the bag!!

    Do you keep your purse open with twilly on. I've only seen bags closed with the twilly on??

    Thanks for all the great responses too.

    The H box is so big that I didn't even look at how they tied the bow. On a small Tiffany's box I could tie that bow to match each crease, but they are smaller boxes.
  14. Yup, I keep mine open with the Twilly on--here's a picture-sorry I just realized I didn't get the ends completely, but the points pretty much end right where the picture ends. Let me know if you want a full-bag pic, and I can post that.
  15. I carefully untie not just the orange boxes but the lovely duck egg blue boxes that contain smaller but equally lovely presents and this is how the bow-tying technique appears to be:

    1.start with ribbon on the top of the box. Take the centre (or approx) of the box as your starting point. Place the "working" side of the ribbon at the start point. The "non-working" end of the ribbon should be about the length of ribbon needed to tie the bow.

    2.working end of the ribbon goes around and under the box. Whether you go horizontally first or vertically is up to you but I prefer horizontal and I think the SAs go horizontal too. Take the ribbon back up the other side of the box to your start point and then cross it over with the non-working end to wind the ribbon around down and over the other edge of the box not dealt with. (You need to do a little aesthetic work when you cross over the ribbon to make sure the printed side stays up.)

    3.When you get back to the "start point", you should then have the ribbons forming some sort of celtic cross. Tie your bow (see point 4).

    4.The bow is the tricky part. You need to NOT tie a knot in the ribbon before you bow it. Just thread the ribbon up and over one of the ribbon "angles", put a finger on the place where they criss-cross to hold them in place, and tie the prettiest bow you can. I find a left-handed bow turns out nicer ie I form a loop with the ribbon in my right hand and then use the ribbon in my left hand for forming the "knot".

    Ooouf. Lengthy (perhaps too much so), but hope it helps. :rolleyes: