Help!!!How do you send bag back to NY store for exchange?

  1. Ladies, what's the safest way sending back to NY store? and does anyone know if store covers for shipping?


  2. I would send the bag via Fed-ex (I prefer Fed-ex to UPS) so that I could track the package and confirm receipt. I would also be sure to insure the package just in case anything were to happen during transit. I doubt that Bal will cover the shipping costs. Also, I would call them and let them know that you are planning to exchange the bag first in case they have any special instructions.
  3. CoutureObsessed, thank you so much.

    I already called the store, was told by sales that I can certainly exchange it since there is a tiny cut on the bag, any shipping method should be fine with them, but I forgot to ask about shipping fee. I also left voice mail to Kim for exchange.(she is out today and she picked the bag for me)
  4. They won't pay for shipping there, but maybe they will pay for the exchange shipping for your new bag.