Help! How do you pronounce........

  1. I sometimes have difficulty pronouncing certain designer names. Today it's: Bottega Venetta. Does anybody know the proper way to pronounce it?! :biggrin:

    Thanks guys!
  2. Hi!!This is an italian name and here it's pronounced BOTTEGA VENETA,just like it's written. No double T in VENETA and all the E should be read as in lemon..hope this helps The stresses are like this: Bottèga Vèneta !!:biggrin: :biggrin:
  3. how does one pronounce the designer 'YSL'? (Yves Saint Laurent...don't know the spelling)
  4. I'd love to know this too. I'm too embarrased to ask my co-worker friend to pronounce it for me.
  5. Eves San Lauren... Or close...
  6. Yep.. Eves (like Christmas Eve) Saan Lauren... :yes:
  7. Ee(v) San Lah-w(r)on

    On the Laurent part, the second syllable is that tricky typical French combo of 'r' and 'w' mixed together.
  8. This is a good thread!

    So I will ask....a friend and I pronounce Damier completely differently! Can someone post the pronunciation here so we can settle this?? :graucho: lol

  9. What about Leowe?
  10. Dahm-yay
  11. My french friend is called Laurent him and it pronounce Loran
  12. I've always thought it to be pronounced "Lowe".. like the H&G store.
  13. OUI! C'est vrai! (Yes, this is true!:biggrin:) those french! It's like they have a different word for everything!:lol:
  14. I like this thread.. thanks for the lessons..
  15. I have a few - I read about fashion so much more than I talk about it.



    Miu Miu

    Louboutin (i say Lou-ba-tawn - Is that correct?)