Help! How do you order from Printemps Paris?!

  1. I've spoken to the SA there and they have put the bag i want on hold for me, then he gave me the number for the personal shopping department, so another phone call to them and they took the details of the bag, but then communication broke down on faxing details. Can anyone help me how do you order from Printemps? :confused1:
  2. Please someone help! :crybaby:

    I have my dream bag on hold with them and i'm so desperate to buy it but finding them extremely unhelpful. They gave me an email address for me to email them and they would email me the instructions, but the email address was wrong and it got bounced back. I tried to contact them through the website and got no response so i called them back. They knew of my enquiry through the website and told me they had emailed me but 2 hours later i have received nothing, and now their store is closed! :hysteric:
  3. Sorry, I don't know how to help you, but at least since they are closed they won't be selling your bag to anyone else! Are they open tomorrow? Just keep trying, it will be worth it when you have your bag in your hot little hands! :graucho::yes:
  4. retry calling them tomorrow and ask for someone who speaks english otherwise it does become a problem. most SAs just cannot be bothered :sad:
    have you tried Balenciaga on george V, the shop? if they happen to have your bag in stock they are usually more efficient!
    good luck
  5. Hi, I have talked to Eric at Printemps/Balenciaga before and his English is good. You can try him. Here is his contact info:
    Ph: 33 1 42 82 59 76 (direct line) . I have a fax no: 33 1 42 82 45 46 (however I never fax them before). Their procedure is: you have to work w/ Personal shopping, but may be you can ask Eric to personally walk over there and complete the transaction for you.
    I have never met Eric; however, my hubby did meet Eric for me and said that Eric is very nice. Good luck ! When things settle for you, can you please let me know how much they charge for shipping to US. Thanks.
  6. Going thru their personal shopping is quite a hassle I was there a few days ago and they did have my dreambag but it had mismatched handles and since it was the last I passed.
    Eric is nice and rather helpful but not as knowledgable as Claire.
    Make shure to ask very precise questions about leather stiching etc...some bags had a bid of loose stiching and others see the white "piping" thru the holes.
    Now I am really picky.
    Best thing call them back tomorrow morning (direct line) describe clearly what you want. Then you have to go thru PS, fax your order etc...
    Hope this helps.
  7. when i bought my bag, they faxed me an order form which i faxed back along with a copy of my credit card (both sides) and a form of identification (passport).

    good luck! hope to help. feel free to pm me if you have any more questions. i worked with camill and she was very helpful!
  8. Thanks everyone, i really appreciate your responses!

    The SA's i spoke to were really helpful, i ran in to problems with the Personal Shoppers, who speak good english - much better than my extremely basic French, i wish i was bilingual! I think i've ordered my bag?! I faxed through a letter authorising them to charge my card and i faxed my passport, drivers licence and both sides of my card. I've just called again and the Personal Shopper and i had difficulty understanding each other, on the one hand she said all that was needed now was payment, so i was confused and thought she meant i needed to give my card details again, but then she said i just had to wait to receive my bag which would be as soon as we'll wait and see, i'll post pics if/when it arrives! :shrugs::okay:
  9. Congratulations. Cant wait to see the pictures!!
  10. I think she probably ment for payment to go thru. I am in France and it's real fast but when I wanted to order from Harney Nichols UK they said it takes 3 days to get an authorisation number for a foreign card.

    So what did you get?
  11. ah thanks catcat, i hope it doesn't take too long i'm going on a two week holiday on Tuesday!

    I was going to do a big reveal when it arrives because this one is special to me and i'm really excited - i've owned and sold on a few Balenciaga's trying to find the right style and colour for me and i think finally this is 'The One'!
  12. No problem can't wait for the mistery bag to be revealed!
  13. Congratulations! I have never bought anything oer the phone with them but the SAs are generally very helpful. Hope you get your bag soon!
  14. Hi, everyone,

    This is my first time posting in the UK Club section. Nice to meet you all.

    Abowron - Please could you let me know how long you ended up waiting before receiving your bag from Printemps?

    I tried to order a CP last week and had awful problems trying to get my fax details through. The personal shopper was very short with me and kept insisting that I MUST send photos of both sides of my credit card and my passport. I kept telling him that I had done so but he insisted that I hadn't. All I can imagine is that the last part of my fax was cut off somehow. (I've been using efax via email as I don't have a fax machine.)

    After receiving several failed fax transmission messages, stating that it hadn't gone through as the call had been interrupted/answered, I finally managed to get one to go through successfully - apparently, according to the efax confirmation message I received afterwards.

    I haven't yet received my CP but I only ordered it on Thursday. Now I'm wondering whether it may be something to do with waiting for payment authorisation.

    I think I'll ring them up again tomorrow to make sure. All of these lengthy phone calls are probably going to cost as much as my CP!

    Fingers crossed that it comes through okay.