HELP! How do you get rid of the smell on your bags?

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  1. Hi people, can someone please help me?
    I've just received a pochette i bought of someone from HK. It doens't smell like moth balls like other members mentioned...but it smells worse!:tdown:
    it smells like it's been stored away for 50 years, so rusty, and smells like burnt plastic or rubber :sad: yet it is a cherry blossom pochette!!!
    I have it hanging so i can get some air through it, but is there a faster way to get rid of the smell?
    Thanks heaps....:confused1:
  2. I've heard putting crumpled newspaper in the bag helps absorb odours. Don't know how long that would take, though.
  3. ME TOO!
    I have a used bag from eBay. It was really good condition but small like pafume or febreze.

    I have tried....
    ionized hair dryer
    ionized fan
    wrapped charcoal
    wrapped baking powder
    spray baking soda
    cool wind

    It's better than before but still smell like febreze.

    I'm gonna get super strong ionizer machine for vehecle soon so I want to try it.
    It's too strong for small bag but I wanna try a few minutes.

    After I got this bag, I decded to not buy used one by internet.
  4. I have a few newer pieces with that burnt plastic smell and they were purchased brand new...I tried everything in the thread LV babydoll mentioned and it still has the smell...yucccccccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  5. Try one of those odour absorber packs for wardrobes. Or a moisture absorbing pack, or something with charcoal in it. Giving the canvas a wipe over with a very weak soft soap solution may help too.

    My Speedy 35 came smelling of wardrobe - not as bad as yours, but definitely a strong musty smell. I aired it outside, and then put in one of those lovely undies drawer smelly bars, and now it's lovely and smells lightly of aromatherapy!

  6. ^^^^

    The last and final time I bought something 2nd hand was a fendi denim baguette....the thing reeeeeked of smoke, and NOTHING could get the smell out.

    I have bought things new ever since.
  7. Thank you all, and i think that might be my last purchase from HK :sad:
  8. I am weird about smells! They REALLY bother me. I put the rack in my dryer with a few dryer sheets on LOW and let it go for a while...
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