HELP !! How do you decide how much is to much to pay a reseller

  1. I'm starting to go a little crazy. I was able to get my local H store to say they will place my order in early 2008 for my dream Matte Croc Birkin, however, they told me last year they would get me a 35 black birkin before Christmas 2006 and I still haven't heard anything about that. So, anyways, a couple resellers have my dream bag and one is absolutely completely breath-taking, however they of course want a significant premium.

    Like I said, my store said they can order one for me in 2008 (than it may take 2 years to get) but honestly I do not 100% trust that will happen or I can just bite the bullet and pay the large ransom fee's.

    What would you do?
  2. I'd negotiate heavily with the reseller. You will still end up paying a premium for the bag, of course, but you will have it right away.

    And heck, Hermes raises their prices so often and significantly, it might end up not being that much of a ransom over the current retail anyway by the time they get around to actually making/sending the bag you SO. (and don't forget: no tax through resellers in most cases)
  3. i agree...............your chances with store are probably far from certain.
  4. I did offer 5k over retail and they say their lowest is 19k over retail. That's whats killing me. 19k I could buy another 35 and a croc JPG kelly. On the other hand, the bag is PERFECT and amazing and I want to just cuddle up with it. (I know I have issues)
  5. We ALL have issues ;)
    Youch, that price is...well, youch.

    How about a compromise...can you give yourself an arbitrary timeline for making a decision? Like, search for a bag through all channels until January 1 or something, and then if the boutique says they are definitely getting your bag, then great. If not, you have at least done your best. I think it's possible another just-as-perfect bag may become available before then but without that huge markup (isn't that like 70%? Or is my math wrong?).
  6. It was sort of my plan to search and work with other channels until the order happens in 2008. It's just SOO hard to see an opportunity to have it and just let it pass. I just sent her another email with a second offer and a promise to PRAISE her on the forum (I was hoping the advertising angle might be worth something to her) if she would accept my offer (I made my second offer to equal to what would be a 10% mark up year over year for the next two years and tax - which I wouldn't normally have to pay)
  7. i think the reason for the huge mark-up is that the sellers either don't own the bag and are subject to the consignor's restrictions, or have to pay a premium to one of their shoppers in order to acquire it. so while $5k is a LOT of money, it doesn't 'feel' big enough to cover reasonable profit for both consignor/seller and reseller - especially if there was sales tax in the initial purchase.

    JMHO - your milage may vary.

    ps -- how are you liking your dreamy sandia acquisition?
  8. they want 19k for a black birkin and it's not a croc:wtf:
    i would NOT pay...for that price i would wait it out and have that money go towards your 2008 croc birkin that you will get:graucho:
  9. They want 19k over the retail of a croc birkin. In my haste I may not be explaining correctly
  10. It's beautiful. Sandia is lovely as well. I couldn't believe others on the forum didn't bid on it. It is such a classic timeless piece and for the money I just had to snatch it up. It is a bit dressy for Cleveland Ohio so I dont use it as an every day bag (which I will with the matte birkin) but it most definitely makes any outfit I use it with look that much better. Again I'm shocked I didnt end up in a bidding war over it.
  11. i am SO glad you got it, because i was seriously tempted . . . i took the pressure off, lol.

    meanwhile, if i'm ever offered a matte black croc birkin i'll send you a PM instantly!
  12. I would love you if you did. If you get offered one, can you tell your SA you have someone that is DYING for it. :drool:

    I am starting to think coming on this forum every day is not helping my obsessive native.
  13. oohh noooo thats crazy...i would wait it out:yes:
    i know it might be hard but thats just asking for too much
  14. rene i feel your pain! truly i do...but 19k markup is tooooo much. that is worth waiting for your SO to come in. buy something else to tide you over, then boom when your croc birk arrives you can unload other stuff if you need to? i think 10k is max markup i would possibly want to pay, EVER, for a reseller grail bag...anything more is just too much IMO. hang in there! your croc will come.
  15. Thank you for your help. It just gets SOO tempting when you see the PERFECT bag.