Help.. How do I wear My Mussete Short Strap

  1. Hello My fellow Loveliest TPF-ers,
    Well, I just got mine from eBay, this was one good deal only paid it for $299,- very good condition.
    It's arrived today and to my surprise it's little bit awkward( the strap wasn't long enough to use it as cross the shoulder) and it looks weird if Iam wearing in on my shoulder ..I am pretty bumb :crybaby::crybaby: oh well.
    Now I don't know if I like this bag or not( to be honest it's not my kind of bag- not my syle at all) I bought it b/c it was good mistake:push:

    Please any of you here have any suggetions, Pictures with modeling of how you would wear your Mussete Short Strap.
    Please help me and rescue me..
  2. I have this bag and I can only wear it on the shoulder. There is the long-strap version which can be worn messenger style.

    I use mine when I don't need to carry more than a few things - out for dinner and such. IMO, it is a very classy bag and looks great on.
  3. I have one as well and use it the same way as Addy. I think it is a nice evening bag.
  4. Very nice evening bag. I had the long strap and my mom has the long strap. I never wore the long messenger style.
  5. I have the bag and I use a longer strap. I use it over the shoulder (messenger style). I prefer it longer because it feels/looks better in my opinon
  6. hi all thanks for the responses... for one who wears it as cross shoulder? do you have extender for the strap. I am too prefer wear it as cross shoulder bag, but the strap is too short. I wonder if LV store has the extender strap
  7. I too had your problem and went to the LV store and they said you would have to order the long strapped bag b/c they don't have extenders. So I ended up buying the one with long straps and sold my other one.

    And.......I also bought my first one on Ebaybut didn't regonize it didn't come with long straps.:rolleyes:
  8. I don't know about an 'extender' strap, but the strap could be changed for the long strap at L.V. and I don't think it is very expensive!
  9. I ran into this problem when I bought a Thompson Street, shoulder bags (where the strap takes the bag down to your waist or hip) remind me of 1991 for some reason so I sold it.
  10. LV does not have an extender for this bag, no way to attach since the strap on the bag is not detachable. I use to own this bag and wore it on the shoulder, on one side. If you really want to wear cross-body, sell the one you jut won on eBay since you got it at a great price, you should be able to recover all or most of your money and they turn around after selling this one and buy the musette with the long strap. The long strap mussette can for sure be worn across the front! Good luck!
  11. i have damier one but in long strap......but i used to wear it as shorter strap (let the strap go under the flap to make it shorter!).... i really like the look of shorter strap too!

    this is just a picture i had on my computer (from some japanese site) --- i know it's damier version but i've always wanted mono short strap version! i think it looks fab and very elegant!

    like other ladies are saying here, it looks so cute as an evening bag! congrats on your purchase! :heart::yes: