Help How do I reduce 1MG photos to load here on the Purse forum?

  1. Hello, Does anyone know how to reduce my 1MG photos into size whch can be up loaded here on the Purse forum???
    I know this probaly isn't the place to ask..but I am just dying to share some Hermes Goodies shots....
    Thank you.... for your help...
  2. OOPs That's 1MB not 1MG! Yikes that's some Rx error! Haha!
  3. Hi, I understand how you feel, I had a problem in the past, I use a dell computer when you add your pics from a camera, on the computer screen you should have the option to resize the pics, you should go there and resize them. I think there is a web size option and email option, I think any of them should be fine. Hummingbird also offered to do it for me by sending her my pictures, I am sure others may be able to help?

    Also Vlad, did a thread about uploading pics, which should help.x
  4. Yes, here's a way to re-size them. Go to You can resize them there. :tup:
  5. Or you can load the pics on Shutterfly and then right click on the picture and copy the propeties, then load them here that way. No resizing needed. Thats how I do it.
  6. :s
    I am technically challenged as well . .. I will check out that resizing web site.

    Though, how do members place the larger format pics in their threads? Mine are always so small they have to be clicked on . . . .
  7. ^^ i upload mine to photobucket - when you click to get irl's you can select from clickable thumbnails or full size pics.

    (ps -- hi!)
  8. :tup:THANK YOU ALL :o) I got it!
    Vachee Li Compressed.jpg h scard les merises.jpg