HELP! How do I read this date code?

  1. Sorry to be such a pain but I am looking at a date code of a Epi Keepall and it says VI 1923 -- The first part I can make out and makes sense since its an Epi but how the heck do you read "1923".
  2. December, '93
  3. So one more question -- did LV have the Green Epi in 1993?

    Sorry for all the newbie questions.....
  4. Whoops - lost my manners...thank you!

  5. Yes..:yes: :yes:
  6. LOL no problem!
  7. Thanks y'all - as you can tell I am a bit nervous as this will be my first big piece of LV that I purchased on my own. I think everyone must be like this before a big purchase.....its odd in that I have bought alot of things that added up to the amount of the auction but never one thing.

    So Epi Green Keepall 55 with a date code of France December 1993 -- cross your fingers for me!!!!

    And again you ladies (and fellas) rock my world!