Help! How do I open my new Groom key cles?

  1. I know this is a really dumb question, but I've never had a cles and I bought my new Groom key cles this afternoon and I don't know how to open it to put my keys on it. Can anyone help a dumb north carolina girl???
  2. LOL It's not dumb, in fact, on Wednesday, I was at LV in Atlantic City and the SA couldn't get the lock open on the Pastilles so I did it. Grab the top, pull upward on the large piece, push down a little on the smaller piece and push it outward. It might be a little stiff cause it's new. Hope I helped and didn't make things worse!!!
  3. Okay - now I know I'm dumb - what do you mean by the larger piece and small piece? The loop and the very bottom?
  4. I did it! Yippee!
  5. Okay - now I'm sad - my car key doesn't fit on it. I guess I will have to return it - DARN!
  6. just get a smaller ring to put you car key and slip it thru.
  7. Definitely do that! My keys don't fit on my Speedy Inclusion keychains but I use them as bag charms anyway. But yeah I agree with sirenized!! Just get a smaller ring and put that on your key, then put the smaller ring through the opened part of the cles. No sense in getting rid of it just because of that! :smile:
  8. Ok - you guys are great. I took one off my coach key ring and did that, but the next question is (for those of you who use yours to really hold keys) - the chain feels so light - has anyone had one of these break and then you lose your cles and look down and it's gone?
  9. no I haven't had one break at all. I think if you had tons of keys on there it could happen, but where you only have your car key and possible your house key on there you are safe.
  10. Its awseome to see someone else from NC here!
  11. Yeah - another North Carolinian! I think there are a few of us on here. Did you see - we're getting a Hermes store, along with the new Neiman Marcus and Lauren store? I'm excited, but maybe I shouldn't go there!
  12. Yeah the Neiman opened two weeks ago yesterday and it is GREAT!
  13. This is what I do too, just 2 keys and no problem.
  14. I put my car key, house key and two church keys on it (organist and all that). I hope that won't be too much. I put my work keys and other keys on a different key ring lose in my purse. Then I lined the inside of my Damier Speedy pocket with the dust bag and I will just try to keep the groom in that pocket when I'm not using it.

    On Neiman Marcus - I AGREE - It's great!! I just saw it for the first time this afternoon.

    The only thing that disappointed me was that I wanted to look at the new Stephen bag at LV, but the store only got one in and it was sold yesterday.
  15. i remember opening my first CLES - LV is tricky! hehehehe!!! congrats charleston-mom on ur new cles!