Help! How Do I Keep My Bags Clean??!??

  1. How do you keep your bags clean, particularly the insides? I recently bought three very lovely new ones (a Kooba with a light purple lining, an Isabella Fiore with a white lining, and a Hayden-Harnett which is black inside, thank goodness) and am afraid that I'm going to trash them in no time flat!
    I had a beautiful $950.00 Marc Jacobs bag which got beaten to death in no time. The light suede inside is full of pen marks and just looks grimey. Kinda makes you not want to reach inside...
    Anyway, I ordered some Shining Monkey, having seen a thread on this site extolling its virtues. However, any other advice you can give me would be SO appreciated.
  2. erm well sorry, but pen marks? I always use a pencil case, never would I leave a pen inside a bag alone. Plus pencil cases are fun objects to obsess over as well!
  3. Thanks, Angelblake! I feel like a moron for not thinking about using a pencil case (I haven't thought about pencil cases since 3rd grade!) but it's a wonderful idea. Will run over to Century 21 after work today to see what they've got. Thanks again!
  4. If your bags are leather use neetsfoot oil on the leather parts. This is a well known saddle and horse hoof product and works wonders. Not only does it clean the leather, it keeps it supple and buttery to the touch. Regular treatment with Neetsfoot Oil will keep the leather from drying out and since you paid all that money for the bag, why not spend $15 to $20 more for a product to keep it nice.
    Inside: Most linings are polyester (the really nice purses have rayon linings) and can be difficult. Empty your purse and turn the lining out of the bag. Take an old toothbrush (your ex-boyfriend's will do) and some vinegar. Pour the vinegar into a shallow dish and dip the toothbrush into it. Gently brush out the ink and other stains. If that does not seem to help, use a powdered detergent or baking soda. Let the powder dry before trying to remove it. That way, you can just use the toothbrush to remove the detergent. The lining should be better, if not completely clean. Okay, you're done and you can put it back inside the purse after making sure the lining is FULLY dry.
    I hope this helps,
  5. I think it really helps to keepy your makeup in a little makeup bag instead of having it rolling around in your bag, with an "accident" just waiting to happen. The linings of my purses almost look brand-new and this is what I do. I also only keep pens with tight caps or the kinds where you have to really twist the middle of the pen for the ink part to pop out. I never put clicky pens in my purses.

    Hope that helps!
  6. thanks for all the advice. i have a new hh hobo that i have been protecting. can bags get sprinkled on without being damaged or should i treat my bag first or, even treated, should i just not let it get wet?