Help! How do I get rid of the fold on the base of reissue bags?

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I have been eyeing a reissue bag (227) for ages but I don't like how the bags ship folded down so there is this horizontal fold on the bottom of the bag that causes it to kinda collapse when you put stuff in it.

    Is there a way to get rid of this and make the base more firm? Could I get a small base shaper maybe or insert? Or just stuff the bag for a few weeks perhaps? I love the exterior look of the reissues but really don't like the fold.

    Here is a picture of what I mean...


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  2. Try to push the fold back in so the base is flat and it can stand, and stuff with the paper
    Mine was like that but only at one side, so I push it in n let it stand with paper stuffed in it
    Hope it mAkes sense:smile:

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  3. I'd be so annoyed with this folded line. It makes me sort of regret ordering a reissue. Man, I am nervous to see my bag in a couple of days. Mine is 226 jumbo size
  4. Agree - once you put stuff into the bag and carry it around for a short while - the line totally disappears.
  5. I hate it when they delivered my reissues folded. I know is the norm but everytime it happens i do a silent scream...nooooo! Haha. Like others suggested, stuff it and let it stand. It worked for my gold reissue which had softer material but for my navy blue caviar reissue it didn't worked that well... Still trying to get rid of a part that sort of' dimpled' due to the way it was folded.
  6. You can also make a base shaper. Then I put a book inside and stood it up for a few days. The crease largely went away.
  7. Does the folding ritual only applies for online orders? Does every bag in the store have this?
  8. They all do when they are new. Apparently they come out of the factory folded like this. I could NEVER understand the point of this and every SA tells me something different about why it's good. In reality it should be a firm base like the classics!
  9. The more frustrating ones are the folded out like in the first post photo. I have one like that, and no amount of book or tissue stuffing can make that come back in, if you see what I mean. I just live with it, but it would be nice if they were folded consistently the same way, and in a way that you can get them to relax (folded in instead out out).

  10. Man...
  11. I thought they were all folded out? I've never seen one folded in before, I thought folding the bottom out was a classic reissue thing they did?
  12. I don't know, but my last one was folded out and I've not been able to think of a way to get it to go completely flat. Tried folding it in and that wasn't a good idea. It's just my little quirky 2.55 that wants to be different. Surely hasn't stopped me from using this bag a TON. :smile:
  13. I am so happy to hear the 226 which my friend is buying for me is not folded at the base!! I can't wait to see it in a couple of days😄
  14. One SA in Paris told me it's folded on purpose, because of the history of the bag. Karl Lagerfeld found an old 2.55 completely crushed inside an archive box, then he decided to reissue the bag and kept the shape...