Help- How do I get my bags home?!

  1. I have been out of town on business for 2 1/2 months and its almost time to go home. I arrived with an Epi Speedy but am leaving with a Saleya MM and a Mirage Speedy as well. My company is shipping two boxes home for me via UPS but I don't know if I want to stick my goodies in there. Part of the problem is the boxes will arrive a few days before I will and will be sitting on a shelf in a mailboxes place. I would have to insure the packages for a lot of money which I am sure my employer will find strange and will tip off the folks receiving them that there is something of value inside.
    My flight is from Seattle to Vegas (a 2 hour flight). I was thinking about just carrying them on board. What do you think?
  2. I agree. They might get lost otherwise.
  3. Please carry it on board with you. At least you know that it is safe near you.
  4. carry it on board with you :smile:
  5. I agree, carry them with you.
  6. Carry with you. Why take any chances they will get lost ot stolen if shipped?
  7. definitely a carry-on. I'd rather ship everything else
  8. I NEVER check ANY of my LV pieces.....
    Don't risk anything happening to your beauties buy leaving them in the clutches of the evil TSA !!!!
  9. Agree with above. Carry them on.
  10. Carry them on, no doubt.

    If you ever have anything valuable, don't trust it to shipping companies or checked luggage. Much better for your sanity.
  11. I agree with everyone else--carry on. Too much money spent to not know for sure if they will arrive safely.
  12. Carry it on board...last time i packaged my bag neatly inbetween layers and layers of clothes and then I carrie on one of my new bags and my girlfriend carried on the other ( BF couldn't carry one, thats why i stuck my old one in the arrived just fine though.)
  13. When we went to Paris earlier this year, I knew I wanted to do some bag shopping. So going there, I carried on an almost empty bag, but coming home it was filled up with bags and other souvenirs.
  14. ITA with everyone above to carry it on, though I'd send the LV boxes in the mail if you have any.
  15. Carry on, without a doubt!