Help! How do I figure out the name/style number of an outlet bag?

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  1. I feel terrible because I was too dumb to take a picture, but when I first walked in the door at my outlet the weekend after Christmas they had these gorgeous leather bags with two handles in two or three colors one being a really pretty salmon/melon color. Not the same as the geranium they're selling now by the way. I REALLY want this bag, I'm willing to drive at least two hours out of pittsburgh or trying to find somewhere willing to do a charge send. But, I have no clue how to go about this not knowing style number or name. Does anyone know or have the bag I am talking about?
  2. I don't know the bag you are searching for. I would call the outlet and ask, maybe they still have the bag, or have it in other colors, then you can have them do a search. Maybe you will get lucky and the person will know which bag it is, then be sure to ask for the style # and name so you can search e bay. You can also search the bay, type in the colors you think it might be, maybe it will pop up. Good luck!
  3. My outlet didn't have any left so maybe I'll just call around. I assume most floor plans are similar, so they would probably know what I am talking about. I'll never not take a pic now!