Help! How do I clean the inside of a filthy speedy

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  1. I am hoping someone can help! I just received this in the mail and it REEKS of smoke. How do I get rid of the smell as well as where do I even begin on cleaning the inside of this thing? No clue where to start.

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  2. If the condition isn't as advertised, send it back. It's certainly a mess on the interior, and smoke smell is pretty stubborn.

    Have you searched Care and Maintenance threads in the Reference section? There are tips there.
  3. i dont know if you could ever fully get rid of the smoke as it gets within the fibers, not just the surface.. did you buy knowing there was a smoke smell?
  4. Send it back
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  5. What did the previous owner use it for? A garbage bag? :whut:
  6. No. It was advertised as excellent condition and when I asked for pics of the inside, she sent one and you couldn’t see any of the above.
  7. She said she only used once or twice. I’m floored. I paid $650 expecting an excellent condition bag. Some would say this is a great deal for the bag and that I could clean it and it would be well worth it since the outside is immaculate, but I am scared to make t worse and don’t know what to times or where to even begin.
  8. That is not excellent condition! I would send this back and it certainly doesn't look like she used once or twice.
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  9. What bag is it? I would return.
  10. Bag is gross I would send it back.
  11. Get your money back! Disgusting!
  12. You would most likely have to clean the entire inside with an upholstery color safe "shampoo". Doubtful the pen mark will come out... there are tips for smoke smell in the forum posted above. If you want to keep it, that is.
  13. Absolutely return it. There is no way that bag has been used 1-2 times.
  14. I agree to send it back if you can! Most sites will allow you to return if the item description was not accurate. This clearly isn’t an EUC bag. The stains you might get out but the smoke’ll smell it forever! Sorry this happened to you!
  15. Absolutely not. $650 for this bag in this condition is hardly a “deal”
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