HELP! how do i clean prada nylon bags?!?!?


Jan 4, 2007
ok. so i've had this dilemma for a couple of years now and i still have not been able to figure out how to effectively clean my bags!:cursing:
i've taken them to dry cleaners (i don't think they were very effective because they are liable for damage to the purse), and i have even thrown them in the washing machine (and ruined the interior of two of them). however, i have not been able to really clean them - especially the lighter colored bags!

i still love my bags, and i would really love it if i would be able to clean them and use them again. so if anyone has ANY tips, i would very much appreciate it! THANK YOU!!!:idea:


Dec 29, 2006
i have a white vela nylon bag (with lining) and i clean it frequently.

i use lingerie powder and mix with luke warm water. pull lining away from bag and use a stiff toothbrush to clean the area and rinse. towel dry thoroughly and then put lining back in place. do the reverse if the lining is soil. hope this helps.