HELP! how do i clean my wallet?

  1. i have a black gucci is part fabric and leather....and the black leather part looks kinda bronze....i think it might be because of my lotion i do i clean the bronze stuff off my wallet? what do you guys clean your gucci leather with?!?! thanks :yes:
  2. easy. try a good quality eraser. erase them lightly. if this does not fix it, then it's not dirt, your wallet may be permanently stained. eraser is the best cleaner for bags. *just our secret*

    hope this helped...
  3. yikes. i just learned something new!!!
  4. I've heard baby wipes are good too...

    and worst comes to worst, try magic eraser quickly and lightly, that took permanent marker off my bag. I got carried away and scrubbed too hard and lost some color.
  5. thanks guys
  6. :angel: :yahoo: :angel:
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