HELP - how do I clean ink off my LV strap?

  1. I managed to get blue ink on my light colored LV monogram looping's strap. :hysteric: HELP! What can I use to take it off?
  2. Oh ~ I'm so sorry! Is there any patina on the strap at all yet, or is this strap new?

    I have tried using a white eraser on a spot on a handle and it lightened it; did not totally remove it. However, this was not new vachetta, had some patina to it, so I didn't worry too much.

    I'm not sure this technique would work for ink ~ I might worry it would rub it in more.

    I have used Baby wipes before on dirty handles...... ?? But again, this would depend if you have new vachetta or something that already had a patina.

    Maybe someone else will come along who has had experience with ink. Good luck!
  3. you can try using a white eraser to gently erase the ink off. it works for me but then again the ink on my strap was rather light.
  4. i hope the eraser works on yours. it did not work on my alma. i am taking it in to get the bottom replaced.
  5. The Clean Eraser did take a ink stain off my LV speedy... it did make it terribly dry though..??
  6. No there is not much patina at all. And it is pretty dark blue ink. I'll try an eraser I guess - hate to have to get the strap replaced so soon.
  7. Magic eraser