Help! How do I clean a Juicy bag?

  1. Does anyone know how to care for or clean a terry cloth Juicy bag?
  2. Nearly impossible.. I would like to know too. I saw this girl had a daydreamer but it got so dirty, ew.

    The only thing I can tihnk of is just tossing it in the wash. I mean, its basically a towel anyway. hhahaha just kidding. I dont know, dry clean?? thats why I stay away from juicy's terrycloth bags..
  3. haha NO TOSSING IN THE WASH lol...there was a thread this afternoon about one of our forum girls throwing her fendi in the wash OY VEY:sad:
  4. I'd say call and ask Juicy or send them an email.
  5. I dunno where you bought it from, but I know Nordstrom told me they do free cleanings on all handbags sold there
  6. I have the mint green and hot pink large bowler and it's getting a little dirty. I'm going to try to use those shout wipes. I think that's the best I can do.
  7. I NEED HELP TOO :sad:
    I actually had the same question, my friend took my Juicy Velour bag for like ONE DAY and it smells like smoke. ewww...I have had this bag for a year and it's was perfectly CLEAN...
    Does anyone know how to get rid of the smell?
  8. I have a velour bag too for school and its getting stains and stuff but i think its better let alone, i threw my juicy roll velour makeup bag in the wash and lets just say i don't have it anymore :sad:
  9. First of all DO NOT USE THE SHOUT WIPES !!!! My daughter did that with her Juicy and the texture of the fabric changed- it was matted and no amount of brushing or fluffing could bring it back. I say use a clean soft cloth and a very mild soap like Woolite, cool water, lightly buff/blot until clean. TRY A HIDDEN AREA FIRST !!!