do I cancel a bid?

  1. 0 feedback, account opened today. :tdown:

    I have looked everywhere that I can think of, but can't find where I can cancel a bid, and put their name in to block it.

  2. Have you tried to email them yet? They may be legit.

    eBay rules for canceling
    Examples of legitimate bid cancellations:
    The bidder contacts you to back out of the auction.
    You are unable to verify the bidder's identity, after trying all reasonable means of contact.
    You want to end your listing early because your item is no longer available for sale. In this case you must cancel all bids on your listing before ending it.

    If you feel you need to cancel it, go to site map and you will see "cancel bids"
  3. You can click on retract a bid and just use one of those excuses they have. eBay won't really care unless you retract more than three times per month so that's good.
  4. She doesn't want to retract her bid, she wants to cancel a bid from a bidder.
  5. Thank you!