Help! How can I slow down my patina?

  1. I feel like I'm watching my baby grow up right in front of my eyes :cry: I've had my BH since January, and my patina has now graduated to a honey color. I like the current color, but would like to slow it down a bit before it gets too dark.

    Any tips on storage, wear or protectants?
  2. Pack it away in it's dust bag and box..As the sun comes out it will be more exposed and darken. I don't put products on my bags.
  3. There's not much you can do except not use it! lol, but seriously I would agree that when not in use you should put it in it's duster rand put it in your closet to keep it from patina-ing. As long as you kep your hands clean and don't use lotion, your handles should stay a nice honey rather than turn black.
  4. I have been putting a sweater or a towel over my Speedy when I'm in the car and just generally trying to keep it out of bright light when possible.
  5. Why slow it down? I cant wait until my BH gets a honey color like my blois bag. Its beautiful, like the color of butter scotch. I keep mine on a chair by the window to patina...unfortunatly, its been raining here every day for the last few weeks so I cant use it.:sad:

    Cant wait to get the damier speedy so I will have a rainy day bag!
  6. keep it in his dust bag
  7. I like my LVs pale. Half of the ones I've bought sit in the closets fo years before I use it once. Only one I use is my Reade but I'm thinking of replacing the handles. Not pale enough for me.
  8. Do You Use Your BH Everyday? If So, I Could Understand It's A Beautiful Bag. That Means It's 5-6 Months Old. Keep It Out The Sunlight & In The Dustbag, When Not Using! Enjoy Your Beautiful Bag!
  9. lol i cant believe this topic

    if i were to write one it would say: HELP: hoe can i speed up my patina
  10. I like darker patinas as well. But a trick with speedys in to not carry it in your hand on on your flesh, but on you jumper for instance.
    So, let it sit on your arm as your normally would carry it, but pull ur top down so the vanchetta in on your jumper. Not your skin.

    This wont stop it altogether, but as the inside part gets a stronger patina due to skin oils itll not make the innerside as dark.

    But not for long...eventually it will patina, which is the beauty of LV!
  11. I like light or dark patina (not black dark). I don't care for the in-between. Just keep it out of light and heat. There's nothing much more you can do to reverse it really.
  12. Why have it pale! I love the honey color, it's beautiful, and it shows maturity. A bag is our own showcase of where we been and what we been through. It's like our own little personality. But if you like it pale, then just make sure you handle it with clean hands, and try to avoid the sun. You'll eventually get darker marks on the inside of the handles, from wear and carry. So be careful!
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  13. I like the look the pale look on my speedy b 30 vachetta. It is just my personal perference. I understand why she would not care for the patina process to some degree.
  14. I like it too, prefer it actually.
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  15. I think using a protector slows it down and it def keeps it from getting dirty and uneven in my experience. I love Kiwi Protect All spray. I buy at target, CVS, etc. I hear about AppleGaurd often also