HELP:how can I get my money back?

  1. I returned item to eBay seller, then I was told that the refund will be deducted listing fee and the shipping cost for the auction. I agreed to pay off the shipping but the listing fee, because first at all, she didn't mention anything about the listing fee within her return policy, and the shipping fee was over charged, the actual postage is only in half of the charge. Then she said that she used Kinko's carrier service, she needs to pay the extra for the service, that I think it's a ridiculous reason, why should I pay you to be lazy to have someone to do the shipment, that's non-sense. But since I paid item by money order not paypal, I don't know where should I file the dispute. Can anyone help me for this matter, I'd appreciate it very much.
  2. Unfortunately there's isn't really anything you can do... :sad:

    Maybe file a complaint with eBay. The seller should not be charging you for her listing fees because she can get that back!
  3. I don't think there is a dispute. To get the listing fee back from Paypal, the seller has to fill out paperwork. That takes time and not everyone wants to bother, although she should have specified her policies more clearly in the listing. Plus eBay then emails you to verify that you don't have the item and she is dependent upon you responding to ebay. Many sellers use packing services. I don't because I sell only occasionally, for for people who do it regularly, they probably have other jobs and other responsibilities--it's not a question of laziness, but of getting items out quickly and well packed. The shipping costs would have been specified in the auction.
  4. well i hate overcharging as much as the next person but if she says she did spend the money to have somoene else ship it then she probably did. and like susan said- that's the way she does it. who knows why? it's not necessarily laziness, maybe she doesn't want the exspense of the shipping supplies or doesn't have room for them in her home. i would automatically call her lazy. i don't agree that she needs her listing fees back as she will get them back from ebay if she files a mutally agree to cancel and you agree to it and she relists it and it sells. you should suggest that. but listen, all seller set their own return terms. if this is what she told you then you have to decide if it's worth it to you.

    what's the item? what was the cost of it? is the 1-3 dollars that the listing fees are really worth fighting over if she's taking it back?
  5. It was a pair of Burberry tall boot(made of half leather, half fabric), I got for $152.00, and the shipping cost was $19.95, but the item arrived with a USPS priority mail flat rate box, and the postage shows $9.95. I really don't believe that Kinko's would pack item in that way as the seller indicated. Although I had concern whether it's authentic Burberry boot, the weight is kinda light, the shaft is too narrow, normally I wear size 6 for the shoes,considering my calves are little fatty I chose size 7 to bid, still the boot is too tight to fit in, I couldn't prove my doubt, but I decide to return the item, and before I had it shipped, I consulted with the seller regarding the refund, I agreed to pay the shipping fee, and she never mentioned that the listing fee would be deducted from the refund, neither in her return policy. Until she got the item back, and ready to release my payment, she said that she would take $5.70 off for the ebay auction charge. I told her that we can have a mutual withdrawal agreement, she would get her money back, besides I paid $19.95 for shipping, it much higher than the actual cost, whatever the cost she had been charged regarding this item should be all covered. but she won't listern to me, she insists that she is right, she could only refund me $147.00 or have third party involved to get a judgement. I hate to waste time for arguing about such small amount money, but also I don't like the feeling to be played like an idiot, don't you think she is totally wrong? I didn't use paypal to pay the item, because there was a bug during the paypal transaction, I clicked "pay" button, but the page was remained same, wouldn't complete the transaction, I called both ebay and paypal support, it got fixed in one week, but I was expecting to wear the boot in New year's party, so I sent money order instead. Now I can only file the dispute to ebay, but where should I send to, can anyone give me a correct email. Thank you all for your input, I think PF is right place to ask for help, love ya gals.