Help! How Big is a Charlotte 24???

  1. Ladies, can someone help me please? As some of you know, I've been on an obsessive hunt for a blue Gerard Darel Charlotte. I found one a couple of weeks ago at Bergdorf, but the bag they mailed me was (at least to my eye) really big -- 19-20" wide. I asked you smart PFers if that was right, and the consensus seemed to be that I did NOT have the Charlotte 24, but rather a larger version.

    Now I have an opportunity to get a Charlotte 24 from Europe, but I'm worried that it will be the same size. I have scanned the Internet (tough to do with Gerard Darel unless you speak French, which I most definitely do NOT), and find conflicting dimensions -- some say 15" and some say 19".

    So, before I get the same (too big) bag, can someone help me figure this out? All I need to know is if there is a Charlotte that is smaller than the 20" one that was mailed to me; if so, is that the 24??

  2. The 24 is probably about 16-18" (I think, though it may actually be bigger than it seems because it's so slouchy). Balissimo in CA has one in black available NOW (310) 543-5540.
  3. Mine is about 16 inches wide, it does depend upon how much stuff you have in there, too. It slouches and does not seem as wide if it is not full.
  4. Thanks, ladies. I'm beginning to believe that the handbag I got from Bergdorf was, in fact, the Charlotte 24, and that it's just bigger than I expected. I'm not a big bag person (I have a Kooba Scarlett -- can't carry off the Sienna), so maybe I'm just not a Charlotte sort of girl.:sad:

    Phooey. I loved the soft, slouchy leather look. Maybe I can find something else that is smaller. Ideas?
  5. Kathy mine arrived from Balisimo about 30 minutes ago :yahoo: and she is about 16ish by 8ish roundabout, how's that for sorta definate :P She's very soft, squishy and slouchy and I love her to pieces! Oh yea, I can see myself buying more than 1 color of this bag and that's not something I normally do. HTH in some small way.

  6. Arghhh. I don't suppose anybody has a pic of the purse on somebody's arm???

    And, christi, enjoy your new bag. Sounds like you love it!
  7. My flash is acting weird, and my bathroom is dirty, but here is my Grey with the buckle flap closure on my arm. I am about 5ft 3in, if that helps. Also, the bag is empty.
    on shoulder.JPG
  8. Thank you, tln. That does help. I appreciate your taking the pic!
  9. I believe there is a Charlotte 12 out there. Check with your supplier in Europe. I've asked a friend of mine in Geneva to check it out for me this weekend.
  10. Amina is right, there is a charlotte 12! Compared to the ch 24 it is pretty small. here is a pic for you to compare:
  11. welcome to the pink family!!!:love:
  12. :heart: :heart: :heart:

    mischa i love your avatar pic :love:
  13. Thanks, all. I knew there was a Charlotte 12 -- I've only seen it with the pockets. Guess that's the only way they come? I think that's really what I should be looking for. Why do I have a sneaking suspicion they'll be even harder to find in the US???
  14. Wow Darelgirl, those pinks are georgeous! :love: How do you ever decide which fab bag to carry each day

  15. thanks christi!!! i usually can't decide which bag i want to wear.:lol: