Help! How bad is this?

  1. Has anybody ever bought a bag on impulse, brought it back the next day and exchanged it for something else you were waiving over, then got it home later and had second thoughts? Have you ever done two exchanges in a row, and ended up with the proverbial big store credit? Did your SA forgive you, chalking it up to menopausal insanity, or were you banned from the face of the earth?

    Dumbo here is facing this quandary right now.
  2. Yes. Yes and yes.

    I did exactly this, and after seeing my red face, my SA just laughed.

    Now whenever I order a bag, he says "are you SUUURE????". LOL.

    They won't mind. And these bags are too expensive to not love 100%.
  3. Grand fonds, its very thoughtful of you to share your experience. It makes me feel much better. I am sure that I will end up spending more money ultimately, so I hope that fact will smooth things out - although, you never know.
  4. I've always fear for double exchange and then end up wanting a store credit! Thankfully its never happened YET....because everytime I bring home a H item...I love it too much to return it.
    Im sure its okay to return it though, because you know if you don't love it...or you don't feel the money is well spent...just return it.
  5. it should be ok, but i would try not to let it happen too often...once i had to exchange a bag the next time i looked at the potential purchase a bit more in helped me.
  6. jedimaster - ooo tough spot. but i would take a lot of comfort from GF's experience. you have to do what you have to do. and it's just great that you have an option to fix the problem. you'll feel better after you do... well... i mean after you do and get out of the store so you feel less self-conscious in front of the SA (ps it's a good test of your SA too. this sort of thing ought to be handled with compassion).
  7. Breathe, and go out for a few hours. Then come back to think about why did you exchange the first one, and why are you having 2nd thoughts about this one. Is it colour/weight/style/duplicate factor? Knowing the reason can help you make a better decision rather than deciding on the spur of the moment, or getting swayed by a smooth sa. It's more important to decide what suits you most rather than worry about your sa's unhappiness. Good luck!
  8. I recently returned a bag and got to hold the big store credit in my hand it made me more anxious so I went and got more than just my credits worth. My friend has had several changes of heart and it is OK with Bev Hills but I hear it is all about your attitude when you approach the SA and always send them a thank you note after the fact. I have in the past offer cup cakes from Sprinkles. they make every return a happy one Good Luck and don't give your self a hot flash about it you will be fine.
  9. OMG...I did this... Purchased one bag...seemed good in store...bad, bad idea later that day...exchanged for a second the next day...seemed good in store...bad, bad idea later that evening... SA could not have been nicer...I felt a tremendous...and I mean tremendous sense of relief... And now look forward to using my store credit...
  10. ^ they're usually reall y nice at Hermes about things like this. That's been my experience, anyway.

    I had a time last year when the three times I visited the store in one month was to exchange something! They didn't mind.

    Mind you, I "added" to my purchases each time....not out of guilt, just because I have a hard time visiting the store and NOT coming away with an orange something!
  11. Yep, this definately warrants thank you note with food or flowers.
  12. ^That'll do the trick, Jedi.
  13. I feel really bad about this. Not only embarrassed at my vacilation, but I fear I will end up with a credit but they will be so annoyed they wont sell me anything. Yes I know that is really irrational.

    Question - are credits good in any of the stores (I mean, the Hermes owned stores).
  14. Is reference to the US?
  15. lets not forget, your SA is a human! I am sure she/he will understand. You definitely shouldn't keep something if you are not 100% in love.