HELP!! Horsebit chain hobo...!!

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  1. SO i was talking to my friend and she said the horsebit chain hobo came in fushia and red in the monogram!!

    IS THAT TRUE??? I know they have brown mono, black mono, black/brown guccisma, brown/black leather, the flora print and i thought that was it?'

    AM I WRONG?? :sad:
  2. I guess they did come in pink or red (2005?)...

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  3. wow how did i TOTTALLY miss that? was it a LE??
  4. No, I don't think it came in red, but yes, it came in the dark pink color, as shown in the picture beejerry posted.
  5. It was a seasonal color. They had several bags in that color that season.
  6. oh wow its so cute!! is it still available???
  7. prob. not
  8. No its not avail anymore. you might luck out on ebay...sorry...

    also guccissima came in green, navy blue(i have this one)

    and there was a black canvas with zebra print horsebit. biege canvas with white trim.

    then there was regular navy blue leather, red, white and exotic leathers.....

    hope this helps!
  9. man where was i? haha wow thanks guys i feel like an idiot!!! :smile:

    man i guess thats out of the question becaus ei dont do ebay!! (bad experience yuckkkkk!)

  10. maybe try calling the outlets?
  11. I wish I could find a navy one!!! Wow I would be in heaven! I have the mono with white trim and I love it!
  12. Do they really come in black guccissima? I have not been able to find one.
  13. yeah i thought i saw one last time i was in the store....girls can anyone back me up on this one??
  14. The black is definitely hard to find. There was another thread where someone was looking for one in black guccissima and the SA told her they do not carry it in the US only overseas mainly Europe.
  15. ^^^ that was me.

    I'm STILL looking. The latest... that same SA (actually the manager for the Gucci boutique in the Beverly Center) was kind enough to tell me that Neimans and Saks both ordered the black guccissima and use to sell it. She was nice enough to give the the style number and everything.

    I've contacted Neimans and Saks. No luck. They have NO IDEA what I'm talking about.

    I STILL plan on owning a black guccissima large chain hobo... SOME DAY!!

    Anyone know if international Gucci will ship to the states? Maybe I can order from the Netherlands Gucci online and have them ship to me here in L.A.

    Any thoughts?