[Help] Highheels, stilettos, boots.. etc..

  1. Ok.. I haven't worn highheels for awhile (like the really high heels.. like 3"+ heel's) and I am going to have to be wearing some real soon for a semi long period of time.. walking! so.. I always wondering for you gals that have to do this and have foot pain after a while do you girls use any type of maybe insoles or something to help relieve/reduce the pain so they're comfortable to wear after a long period of time? I need some good brands maybe to see what I could use. [​IMG] TY!!
  2. Is the pain in your arch?

    Thats your plantar fascia talking if thats the case. To prevent pain, or even tearing start stretching the area every morning for 10 min. stand on your toes, pull your big toe back and just keep the area really flexible. Start about a week before you need to wear your heels.

    also it might be a bit painful, but if you are worried about blisters, try krazy glue. Sounds nuts but run to the loo and slap some krazy glue on an irriated spot and the pain and blister will both disappear.

    good luck
  3. Dr. Scholls makes insoles I like that are for high heels. They have gel in them.