help! HH charged me twice

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  1. Hey girls,

    I partook in that twitter event and got a Lorca and clutch wallet - well when I looked at my bank account they charged me TWICE for the same order. I'm sad my first time dealing with HH has gone like this. I emailed their today (of course I don't expect an answer until tomorrow), did this happen to anyone else? Because I need that extra 200 bucks they charged me :sad: yuck!
  2. That's odd Kismet, I'm sure they will fix it as soon as you call. I've never had any trouble with their customer service. Also sometimes a charge appears twice while in processing in my bank account but rights itself when the charges actually go through. Not necessarily with HH but in general. I'm not sure if this might be the case for you?

    Congrats on your Lorca and your wallet by the way!
  3. They'll credit the second charge, it will be fine.
  4. kismet, totally unlike HH. You may find that the charge (this was a debit to your bank account?) has the appearance of having been done 'twice' because they need to make sure the money is available before actually doing the order. As mishka has advised, HH will have an answer for you as soon as you call, or they may even e-mail you back before you call.

    Not necessary to automatically think the worst ... You must have thought well of Hayden-Harnett to have placed an order with them ... so?:shrugs:

    Congrats on your Lorca. And at such a good price, heavens!!! Lucky you!
  5. Thanks guys for reassuring me. I hope it's just a glitch - I'm sure they'll sort it out - it was just kind of a...double take like...why did they charge me twice kind of thing. Glad to hear they have good customer service. I'm sure they'll get back to my e-mail tomorrow.
  6. I had that happen to me. One of the charges was a "phantom" charge to make sure I had the funds in my account. it has only happened when I used my debit card. When the charge was released from pending It was only charged once. Hope that made sense. It will all work out :smile:
    Great choice on the lorca... what a phenomenal price :tup:
  7. I was also charged twice from the Twitter sale. Very strange. this is my third HH purchase this month, with the same card, and this is the first time this has happened.
  8. Just call. They'll fix it. No big deal.

    I haven't had that happen with HH, but cards get double-charged by accident all the time. It gets sorted quickly and easily. Completely routine.
  9. Yep, from what I've seen and all that I've heard, their service is amazing. I'm sure they'll take care of it right away!
  10. Well I e-mailed and they never got back to me so then I called. When I called the girl seemed to think I was crazy and wasn't very helpful/friendly lol. She said it only was charged once, even though I explained it was in my authorizations twice. She was like..."oh well...I guess send us that statement"...I dunno. I asked my dad - he thinks the second will probably disappear after it goes from authorizations to actual transactions. So I'll wait and see what happens, if it still gets charged as twice - they will definitely be hearing from me.

    Dyannek - glad to hear it's not just me! I'm not crazy! lol. Hopefully it will go away for us.
  11. I think it is likely that it is just appearing twice and I'm not sure exactly why that happens. It happens to me with other retailers/charges. And it always disappears. That is unfortunate that the girl wasn't friendly to you. I can't speak for her, but I imagine she might have been confused because she can see that it's only charged once and even though you are explaining that it is in your authorizations twice, it isn't something that HH necessarily did so she isn't able to see that it was charged twice because they didn't charge you twice. It is something that happens often with bank transactions. I guess she couldn't really do anything until it is officially charged twice, which you'd be able to see with your statement.

    Anyway, I know that can be frustrating. I don't think it is anything HH is doing though to cause that though. Let us know when it is straightened out!
  12. I do want to add that if they're only looking by your order number, they may not see what you were actually charged. Another gal on here and I both had items added to our orders that we hadn't actually paid for, yet it shows in their system that we did. It's probably like the other ladies have said, just a charge that shows up for now...but just in case it doesn't come off later, ask them to look up your payment info by your last name, not order number. :smile:
  13. I paid with my paypal debit card. My amount was 92.25 and it has been placed twice by HH and held twice by paypal. I have 184.50 on hold in my account right now. Hopefully one will drop off, but there is two being held right now.
  14. That is a drag Dyannek. You too Kismet. Maybe their system is having some kind of glitch! So strange.
  15. That is really odd! I just checked mine (I paid through PayPal, too) and it just shows one charge. I also called my CC company and they don't even show the charge at all we'll see. I'll double check in a day or two to see what's up.