Help - Hermes Wallet

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I purchased a Tri-fold H wallet in Gold with pal hardware to match my Birkin (cost $1950 before tax) yesterday. Now I am reading about a new Kelly wallet - did I make a mistake? Should I have held out for this new wallet? I would love to see a picture of it and does anyone know how much it cost? Where is it available?

    Sorry for all the questions but for these prices I want to make sure I didn"t make a mistake.

    Thanks in advance:confused1:
  2. The new Kelly wallet is beautiful. I saw it in Paris last week but according to Hermes UK, it is being produced in limited quantity and limited (winter) colours for the moment like black and red so you probably couldn't have got one in gold (which is the next colour on my wishlist) anyway. I was told it's a model Hermes will push more in Spring/Summer 08 with brighter colours.

    There are a couple of other threads on the forum about it (one started by me!) but no pictures yet. The clasp is potentially an issue - slightly cumbersome and might catch on other things (your bag, clothes etc) so I'd say you made the right choice!

    PS The price in Euros was approx 1400, I think.
  3. I also read a thread abt the Kelly wallet. Some tpfers used it as a clutch instead of wallet, and they said it can hold a lot.

    Kellybirkin is right about the price. I saw 2 (grey and black, I remember) recently in Hong Kong H shop. They are quite nice, but as said by Kellybirkin, the clasp is cumbersome (just like a Kelly bag).

    Can you exchange your new wallet for a Kelly wallet? Or get a store credit? If I were you, I would get a Kelly wallet instead as it's a new style and has multi-function.
  4. Thanks Kellybirkin for all the great info. Also, Diamondlover thanks, I can return it, no problem but unless I misunderstood this new Kelly wallet is not available in the US yet and it is not offered in the Gold color to match my Birkin. So maybe I should just keep this wallet to match my bag. Even though I agree with you I would like to own the new style.

    Still Confused!:confused1:
  5. I think Kelly Wallet is available in the US, or maybe you can get a store credit. Actually I am considering to get a Kelly Wallet in Black (but definitely not this year as running out of funds), as it can be used as a clutch. However, if you really want your wallet to match your birkin, then keep your existing wallet, which is also a very nice choice, just that Kelly wallet is a new style and can be used as a clutch.
  6. I have tried the Kelly wallet, and I really did not like it. The clasp is exactly the same as that on a Kelly, which means it protrudes too much for a wallet, and is just as fiddly. I much prefer the Bearn anytime.
  7. I, too, think the Kelly wallet clasp is too cumbersome for ordinary use. I suspect most buyers will want to use it as a clutch. Which means Hermes better get started on producing it in exotics, pronto!! (and sign me up for one in cocoan croc!)
  8. Thanks Lyanna Stark for the picture of the wallet. I love it! But now after seeing it, I decided to keep my wallet to match my bag. The kelly wallet I want to use as a clutch seperately.
    I already called my SA and told him when the kelly wallet arrives I want one in Black.
    ***Thanks, I knew I could count on the PFM to help me decided and know exactly what's going on. :flowers:
  9. ^^My pleasure!

    If you want a clutch, you could also check out the kelly pochette and the kelly lounge before deciding. These are 2 clutch styles that H makes.
  10. I thought it would be too much trouble to use Kelly wallet at first. But if you close Kelly wallet as you would close Kelly bag casually (straps hanging under the flap), using Kelly wallet should not be too much trouble at all!

    Kelly wallet is really pretty IMO~!
  11. I also debated about getting the kelly wallet vs the bearn. I chose the bearn instead for its practicality. And the kelly wallet really is very big and cumbersome to use as a wallet; with all the card slots and a big roomy interior, it is much better suited for a clutch. The one I was holding was black box with GH, for about $2250 I think.
  12. I really like the look of the Kelly wallet, but I don't think it would be practical for me due to the closure. I could see me using it as a clutch though.

    I am hoping to get a Hermes wallet soon. Still undecided as to which one right now.