Help! Hermes Virgin...

  1. Hi everyone - I'm pretty new to this fantastic forum and a huge Chanel fan...until I started reading all the postings in this Hermes section! I've always coveted an Hermes bag (and so envious of all you gals who have one or more!) and until now always thought purchasing one was way out of my league. But now I'm thinking that having one could really happen in my near future so I've been searching the web for all the info I can find (thank you one and all on this web-site!) and lo and behold I ran across www.therosechateau and now I'm wondering if any of you have heard of this site.....

    I'm still a little intimidated by walking into the Hermes Boutique here in San Francisco so I thought I'd browse on line first just to get my toes wet before plunging into the pool....
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  2. Hello and welcome!!! Your link didn't work for me so here's the one that does: . I've never heard of this site but if the bags they sell are authentic, they've got some great deals!!!:nuts:
  3. I just sent them an email with lots of questions!
  4. Welcome shopmom...start reaing up here in the Hermes section and you will learn a lot. I learn something nearly ever day. As for the boutique itself...just take a deep breath and walk in. I was told by corporate when I called that they are there to help and educate you. So, don't worry! Just have fun and ask all your questions when you go to Hermes.
  5. I am new here also and big "Hi" to everyone :biggrin:

    shopmom411 - As far as I can see from the photos on this site, they are fake Hermes bags :evil: Please stay away!!
  6. how do you know?
  7. HermesAddiction- LOVE your avatar- really cute!
  8. First warning sign is they mix photos of real and fake bags together. The handle/handles on some of their Kelly and Birkins is wrong. Also, the Green Kelly 25cm and the Gray Ostrich Birkin are screaming out loud fakes. I am sure they are trying to fool people by mixing up the photos :mad: If I didn't click into a few to check it out, I wouldn't have found out either....

    ValleyOppressed - Thank you!! I am glad you like it :biggrin:
  9. Addicted - Can't wait to hear the answers you get from them! Please let us know what you find out....

    Wow...I guess you can't trust most people selling Hermes on the internet....thank you for the warnings everyone! I'm going to have to bone up on how to tell the fakes from the real deals....
  10. The best is to get the bag at Hermes ... there is no experience like it. Also, just go to a store, act and look confident. Ask the SAs for the color/leather catalog and this should give you an idea of what is available.
  11. Yes, it's true there's nothing else more coveted other than getting the birkin from the boutique. If only the boutique stock up more birkins especially the one I want. Wish me luck.
  12. Welcome! In my experience the SF shop has really nice sales associates who are willing to help and answer questions. So don't be afraid. :biggrin: If I lived closer I'd be there every day! But unfortunately I live 4 hours away but try to get down there as much as I can. :lol:
  13. Welcome!
    Sorry I'm kind of joining late to the topic but when you have the money to purchase something exquisite and expensive as an Hermes bag, I'd highly recommend going to the Hermes store for it.

    I know that with the internet you get the convenience of shopping from home and looking at variety of pictures,there are more collections sold by one vendor than one Hermes boutique. Also some might think going into Hermes store for the first time can be daunting.

    But NOONE can ever be more embarrassed than me on my first trip to Hermes. I really hope this helps people feel less intimidation

    I was 21, my last year of college, I wanted to buy something for now grandmother in law because she flew all the way from Korea to see his and my graduation and her birthday was two days after.

    I went into the Boston Hermes store. I have never been there before, I didn't know how to pronounce their name, I didn't even know what they carried, or their price range, but that my grandmother inlaw likes their items.

    I walk in with a pair of jeans, a wornout sweatshirt, and sneakers, carrying my BACKPACK!!!! I walk in and immediately fall in love with the greenish scarf with perfume bottles. None of the sales ppl came out to help me. Two were standing at the counter talking, one was helping another customer.

    I called out "can I look at some scarves please?" One of the talking sales person turned around and looked at me, paused for a long 3 seconds, and walked over. I asked her to see that scarf. I knew I was gonna buy the green one already but I wanted to look at them all!! I asked her to see some others and she took them out to show me each one. I made her take out many many scarves and she just stood there without a word and showed me like 30 scarves.

    I say, I'll take the green one that I first saw walk over to the cashier and my card gets declined. I dunno why, it got declined for $230,(it was the price back then). I was confused, it was the first time my card ever got declined. The sales person asked if I wanted to pay with another card, as he tried again.

    I HAD no other card. I said I'm sorry I'll be back. and walked out the store. I called my bank later and they said something about a $500 limit in 24 hours.
    So I went back to the store the next day and purchsed my first scarf, which wasn't even mine. I thought I'd never shop there for myself!!

    4 years later, still a student, more mature, and even married, still was it daunting to set foot in Hermes, Tysons corner VA. AGAIN to purchse scarves for my grandmother and mother in law.

    I went in, and got help immediately from a sales lady at the scarf case. I told her I'm looking for a present and she pulled out the beautiful white/pink scarf from the spring 2006 section said it would look fabulous on your grandmother. And she was right it was my granny-inlaw's style. When I told her that I'd never purchased anything from Hermes for myself and that I'd never worn a scarf before, she was shocked. She started pulling out scarf after scarf for an hour to show me the different styles and how I can tie them etc.

    She helped me purchse two scarves and a tie. She went out of her way to help me. Sounded so enthusiastic, and said, "When you return you should come back. We can sit down and talk about tying scarves. You don't have to buy it just come on in."

    I know I didn't have to buy it but she made me feel like I was a regular customer when I was there for the first time!! Oh I returned. She remembered me, what I purchsed, asked if people were happy with the presents, and cheered, "YAY, WE did it!!"

    Sorry about blabbing for so long...
    hope I had encouraged Hermes Virgins out there to just relax and experience the service Hermes offers~
    (Hmm that sounds weird... but nothing weird meant by it) :heart:
  14. If I were you, I would refrain myself from buying birkins from that site. Not enuff photos first of all, that turns me off already. If you're in the US, I would pick up the phone and start looking around, there are lotsa Hermes over there. Don't rush, better wait than be sorry. You just dont wanna pay 7K and get a fakie fakerson..
  15. Hi Crochetbella - Do you live up by Mendocino? It's always a temptation for me to bop into San Francisco to Neiman's and Chanel....I always seem to go to those two places with a pit-stop now and then at Louis Vuitton. Now, I think I'll be adding Hermes....oh STOP ME!!!!

    Thanks to all of you for your kind feedback....I know the exquisite joy of purchasing that special something directly from store and I know that's what I'll be doing at Hermes too one day. I think I'll start with a scarf though.....