HELP : Hermes Leather

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  1. Dear Ladies,

    I need your opinion. Among all the Hermes leathers, which is one is the most anti-scratch but still has the ‘glossy’ look ? I had read the Hermes Reference Library but I still could not decide. Some people said it’s TOGO. However, I don’t prefer its' matte look. HELP…

  2. most anti-scratch is probably togo or clemence. togo is "glossier" than clemence but i wouldn't say togo is glossy. chevre has a nice sheen and is pretty durable.
  3. The colours "take" differently on the different leathers so this will affect appearance. Epsom is lightweight and less prone to scratching per se, it is however susceptible to corner wear in larger sizes. Taurillion Clemence is very hardy but heavier than Epsom and not as stiff. Cherve has a lovely sheen but it depends which goat you prefer whether it would be available.

    What colour and characteristics are you looking for?
  4. Chevre, IMO.
  5. Handybags,
    I'm thinking to buy a black. That's why I want a 'sheen' look to balance-out the dark color. But durability is also a must...

    Kim_Mac & Trocadero,
    Thank you for the inputs
  6. I am guessing a 35cm yes?

    Black clemence 35 will be very unstructred bag but durable.
    Black cherve 35 will be stiff and have a lovely sheen, though I think the big Cherves are currently only available by Special Order.
  7. I say epsom :biggrin: The "sheen" is more pronounced than in togo.
  8. Joanne you might also investigate Evergrain slightly more sheen-y though not as much as Epsom as pyrexia points out.
  9. Not to confuse you further but to provide you the information to make an exhausted choice, and if you are not opposed to getting a pre-loved bag, you may want to consider Ardennes. This leather has been discontinued but may be possible to find in the secondary market. It has a lovely sheen, is lighter than Togo, holds the shape well and have no issues with rain/snow. Very very very nice in black (other than boxcalf and chevre).

    Rachel Zoe has one and you can see many pictures of her and bag if you do a search in this forum.

  10. How is 'sheen' judged and measured? Because I see so much togo around I kinda think that 'sheen' is normal? When Joanne Rossa was asking about gloss I suddenly had the image of mrssparkles' croc birkin in my mind... :biggrin::biggrin:...the one which some of us were quite anxious to molest. :biggrin:
  11. The "gloss" on regular leather is the slight "shine" or better know as sheen found (where light bounces off/reflected instead of absorbed). On boxcalf, it's very obvious, on clemence, there's hardly any (though the leather might have slight patina over long use).

    mrss' luscious croc is shiny, which is only available on exotics like croc and lizard.
  12. I highly recommend Chevre, 'coz I can't afford exotics like croc yet!
  13. Vache Liegee is gorgeous in black!
  14. Yup, Chevre.
  15. Huge 2nd to this, Kallie Girl! Mine has been used extensively since I got her, and shows NO sign of wear, and has developed a very nice sheen (not quite as glossy as Chevre, but more than Clemence or Togo). Definitely tough and scratch resistant.