Help! Hermes for under $200 by 10 pm tonight :(

  1. any thoughts other than twillys and fragrance?

    buying for a family member and scarfs are out cause they are more than 200.

    any suggestions would be great

    its for a lady
    over 40
    thought a orange box under the tree for her would be fabulous!
    already checked bluefly and eluxury and nothing seemed wonderful.
    thanks in advance!:flowers:
  2. I just got a beautiful pegusus cadena and it was $185. perfect gift. I love it.
  3. Carmen key ring, Carmencita marker, gift certificate, Hapi bracelet, books, handkerchief, animal or fruit or vegetable key ring.
  4. a small agenda with an insert?
  5. The Ulysse notebook with insert should be around 200.
  6. teacup and saucer?
  7. Pocket Squares are $100.00. You could get her TWO!!!!
  8. woops! Posted at the same time GF!!!
  9. key ring ???
  10. The Forcat Lime Chain Necklace is only $80.
  11. The Twocat Lime Chain Necklace is only $40.
  12. Seriously? I think I'll get that the next time I go in ...
  13. LMAO, Kou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Kou, go back over her post and read it very carefully.........
  15. Oh bummer! I didn't realize you were kidding. :sweatdrop: