Help! Hermes clic clac bracelet

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  1. Hi! I am having so much trouble choosing...

    Black and gold hermes bangle thick or thin? Ill attatch pictures

  2. thin
  3. Thin. Although I have both sizes. I tend to wear the thinner ones more often
  4. Thick. I have the XL and med. Love both sizes
  5. Honestly I think this one really comes down to your individual style - I would vote thin because that's definitely what I wear more readily. Do you wear a lot of large cuffs or are you more of a traditional bracelet girl?

  6. I would wear it alone probably, unless I get the gold cartier love bangle to stack it with! I love both and I feel like the thin is better, but go big or go home?
  7. I think it should depend on your style as well as your wrist size. If you wear more gold then get gold, if you wear bot gold and silver (like myself) then maybe you will have to get to bracelets. As for thick or thin, I prefer think because you can stack it with a second clic clac or with a watch. It looks really nice stacked.. But really it depends on your style
  8. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397446045.760224.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397446055.167006.jpg
  9. Thin looks much better on you and seems more wearable to me.
  10. Thick
  11. I like the thinner one on you.
  12. Prefer thin. If you like stacking thin would look better.
  13. I vote thin - you will definitely stack it with something in the future :graucho:
  14. I wear all thin . I like to stack and thin looks elegant. if worn alone for a statement, go thicker! ;)
  15. Thin....I find thick a bit cumbersome when you write or use the computer.