Help! Hermes Cape Cod DT or H Heure DT watch?

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  1. Hi
    I am interested in getting an Hermes Double Tour watch but can't decide between the Cspe Cod or H Heure. Help! Thanks so much!
  2. H Heure would stand out more and very chic with DT. Is it your first H watch?
  3. I have H heure mini, love the design.
    Its so classic design, can wear casual and evening. Cant go wrong.
  4. I have a h heure double tour and while i love it and where it tons in the summer, the corners of the h hit against my bags...its very square. I still love it but wish i had the cape cod..its lovely too.
  5. I love my Cape Cod double tour. Love the classic design, and even in the PM size, the face is very easy to read. Now I'm wanting a GM Cape Cod as well! H Hour is nice too, I just prefer the shape of the Cape
  6. Hi, thank you so much for all your feedback! Yes, this is my first Hermes watch. So, I really want to make the right choice as it is not only the price but would like it to fit in well with the other bracelets that I will be buying in the future. Thanks again!