Help - Hermès Buckle Belt Problem

Jul 18, 2010
So I've received a vitage Hermès Belt for Christmas and i'm sure it's original, the box the engraving etc. It's from 2006 and the buckle is palladium silver pleated but I think it tarnished or something and it does show a little bit of gold or something like that ( I don't know if you can see it in the pictures). What Can i do?

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Dec 27, 2006
as long as ur buckle is authentic,
go to ur local H store. tell them that u want to 'refurbish' the buckle. they will let u exchange it for a brand new one for about $125.
sorry, they dont 'refurbish' for free.


Not sure there is another way, surely when a metal's tarnished it's 'had it'.
I'd do as Seton suggests and take it into a store.

I bought a vintage belt and buckle once, gold plated, and it was immaculate so i can't offer any different advice - i wouldn't have tried refurbishing the metal myself though.
Nov 22, 2007
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haveuconfessed said:
Thanks isn't there any other way?
As everyone has been saying take it in to your local Hermes. You won't know what is available until you ask.

A few years ago I foolishly bought a scarf ring without examining it from a fellow scarfie. The big enamel disc scarf ring with a chain motif level with the enamel surface. Sorry can't remember the name.

It had sharp edges from sliding off scarves & landing on hard surfaces like concrete. The manager had the same scarf ring with the exact same problem. She very kindly sent mine out to the local jeweler who had repaired hers. At no cost I should add.

It can never hurt to ask. I had never expected that anything could be done to make the ring wearable again.