Help! Hermes Bolide or Toolbox?

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  1. I am trying to decide between the 37 cm Bolide and the 26cm toolbox. They would be everyday bags. I've had the bolide before but never a toolbox. The bolide is undeniably a classic, not sure if the toolbox will be just another passing fancy such as the Paris/Bombay or the Atlas (remember that)? I'm concerned about resale value and of course, I still want to be on-trend/don't want to have anything that looks out-dated. Any thoughts?
  2. I vote for Bolide! It feels more comfortable to carry (to me), so I would definitely use it more.
  3. Bolide anytime!
  4. This helps! Thank you.
  5. No way!!!! TOOLBOX all the way - I am currently hunting for a 26cm toolbox too. They are stunning and can be worn so many different ways to give different looks!
  6. I gather you don't like the toolbox?
  7. I'm curious-do you have a bolide or have you ever owned one? Do they not appeal to you?
  8. Love every Hermes designs:graucho: but for toolbos, it is nice to look at but to carry one, its only one style ie tote and difficult or could be uncomfy to carry as slingbag. Of course this is my preference as i lov 2 way bags:graucho:. In case if you chose a soft leather for toolbox then once it slouch, it affect the 'Tool'box design.:biggrin:

  9. have you tried on the toolbox before? i think the toolbox looks so cute in the 20 and 26 and very nice in the 33 but somehow it doesn't work on me and my proportions...the shoulder strap for the 20 and 26 is too short for me and looks awkward and boxy when shoulder carried, and the 33 is too big for daily use and also look awkward on me!! oh less style to lust after!!
  10. I hope i could own one, and Bolide is so elegant and classy and I m drooling over it. Of course it is so easy to carry too.:biggrin:

  11. The 33 did not work for me at all. It looked ridiculously large-and I'm a 35cm Birkin girl. I want something for everyday, have had the Bolide before, but I'm not sure about the toolbox. I don't want to get it home and regret it . . .
  12. No I don't have a bolide - I really dislike them and would never pick it as a bag for myself - but they obviously look lovely on other people and are a very popular bag regardless of my opinion. That's just my personal preference. I also really don't like the jypsiere (sp?) and evelyne, LOL. They are too casual and sporty-looking for me.

    I think the toolbox is just very versatile, whereas the bolide isn't (IMO) - it has one look which you can't really play around with. The toolbox can be worn with the shoulder strap, or carried as a tote, and then you can fold the sides in, to give it the 'toolbox' look, or you can fold them out, which gives you more the 'celine bag' look.
  13. Very interesting... the 33 didn't work for me either, the 26 is perfect. As you know, I am a giant (but slim frame), and you on the other hand are very petite. Interesting how 26 suits both of us!
  14. I have a chevre small bolide and she's very nice but I've been smitten by the toolbox. I saw a 20 and it was simply adorable. I haven't feasted my eyeballs on a 26 IRL so the size is up for grabs. The toolbox opens wide for ease of entry. I may be wrong on this since I didn't try the 20 with the shoulder strap, but I've read the straps on them aren't very long. I'd hand carry it but this may be a sticking point for those who prefer to sling a purse on the shoulder.

    Keep in my this is my 2 cents and everyone has their own take. One more plus for the TB, I like the hardware. Hardware, imho, breaks up the monotone look, adds a touch of contrast, interest to the eye. (I'm voting for the TB!)
  15. I love Love Bolide. It's elegant, classic shape that will last for years and years, practical with optional long strap, etc etc.
    For me the toolbox is similar to a Lindy. With the boxy, square shape, it's rather awkward to carry it next to your body, regardless using the short handles or long strap. While a Bolide just fall nicely on your side when you use both the short handles and the long strap.
    I like the way Bolide has zipper for opening while I think the Toolbox will be slightly more tricky to open and close. I personally don't like the batwing look on Toolbox, but everyone is different. And ever since I read somewhere that compares Toolbox with McDonald happy meal box... I can't get it out of my head every time I see one. lol
    Both has its' appeal of course and it's individual taste. Though if you ask me, Bolide Bolide Bolide. :smile: