Help Hermes Birkin (London)

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  1. Hi .. I'm new to the Hermes Forum. Ive always bought Chanel and other designers.. I always thought a birkin was out of my reach..but a friend told me once you get on the list it's only a year if at that to get the bag.

    I want the blue jean 35cm birkin, was wondering if anyone here knew when the list will open in London. The stores at bond st, sloane st and the concession in Harrods are all being cagey. Its quite annoying!! :crybaby:..Does anyone here have any pull??

    thanks in advance!!:smile:
  2. Soni, I think your best bet is to hop on the Eurostar and go to Paris where your chances of scoring one in one of the boutiques is quite high. There's a couple of threads on this topic in the main H forum.
  3. Thanks.. A friend of mine told me there is no chance of getting one in paris during fashion week. Is this true?
  4. Your friend is probably right. Go before or after then.
  5. It depends on which location you order your birkin , sloane street, bond street,
    also its a matter of building a realationship with the SA

    I have been told possibly two years in London for birkins

    and thats by the staff
  6. I went to Sloant street in Jan and they told me once im on the list it could be from 6 months to one year. Do they give different information to everyone? I also heard from someone else its like they are interviewing u! I was told that the list was due to open antime between feb, march and April.. I guess i will just have to continue nagging!!
  7. Hurry up and call the shops. The list should be open real soon or maybe they are about to close. Stop in all the shops and pester them. It should be happening now!
  8. The next Podium is in July (the Feb one just happened), so you should be good to get on for the next one.
  9. ^^^ Are you sure about that? That's not what Bond Street are saying
  10. I have been calling every day since Mid Jan. The list definitely hasnt opened yet. Its due to open anytime .. They're now saying its more likely March.
  11. Spare yourself the agony and go to Paris for a day trip. If you're not fussy about leather/colour, you'll most likely return with one from the main shop at Faubourg St-Honore.
  12. Thanks Roxane.. Might just try that later on this year if i dont get on the list. I really want a blue jean togo 35cm silver hardware. Not sure how popular this is?!

    Is getting my name down on a cancellation list any good? Do people actually get contacted from that list?
  13. yes the best way! london is notorious for prefering loyal customers and a bj is very much in demand.alsoin london you are competing with alot of high profile customers.
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  15. hi-all this is new to me so please bear with me. i (like all of us am desperate for birkin) can i pose this question? is , while i'm waiting, buying a replica birkin an awful thing to do? i keep saying yes, no yes, no ...just wanted others thought? tired of waiting and possibly cant afford it anyway. help appreciated.