Help Here Ladies!!! Which Do You Think Will I Get?

  1. as i was browsing japan auction site, these two lovely bags caught my eyes. when DH saw me looking at the pics and comparing each other, he said to choose one as a valentines gift. which do you think will i get? im soooo excited:yahoo:



    or this

  2. how much are them???....i like the 1st one
  3. show us the site....plz!!!^_^
  4. I like the gold is sooo beautiful! You have such a nice hubby!
  5. The first one is beautiful. I think there is going to be a pale gold medium flap for the spring season so the first one looks like it's more rare.
  6. The second Chanel. LOVE IT.
  7. The first one. Love it! :yes:
  8. the second one~ the first is striking at first glance, but i worry about the flower, and the gold one is doulbe strap so it will give you some flexibility in terms of style. but either one is perfect!

  9. I agree with Classic Chic. Those were never offered in the US. Seems like the Asian countries have better selection than US.
  10. I saw the second one in my boutique. They are released in the US. I've never seen the pink croc one though. My SA offered it to me but it looks too impractical (the color). The gold retails for $1850 I believe, it's gold coated lambskin leather and it's not affected by the price hike because it was released for SS 2007.

    OH sorry, back to topic! I would choose the pink croc! I love the pink on croc.
  11. The second one is absolutely gorgeous! :yahoo:
  12. you lucky thing! The pink is lurve-ly. Love the Camellia on it.
  13. 2nd one!
  14. 1st one. I hate croc leather (although I like pink but this one no no)