help! Help!!!!

  1. ok, i am not a good decision maker as there are so many bags i want! however, i can only choose one. it is b/w the timeless clutch and med/lg black classic flap with gold hard ware. currently i have a blk leather coco cabas and a jumbo black classic flap in silver. which do you think i would get more out of as well? is clutch just for dressy occasions?
  2. IMO you should get the clutch as I believe you said you already owned a black jumbo. I don't know about you but I love pairing an elegant clutch with my evening dress everytime I go out for a drink or a semi-formal occasion. So yeah, definitely get the clutch. It's a wonderful piece to have in your wardrobe. I hope this helps. Good luck on making your decision.
  3. I agree! I say clutch too. Good luck!
  4. clutch, for sure! it's better to get something that works for each occasion when starting a collection than buying similar items. that way you can get as much use out of chanels as possible. ;)