Help! Help!

  1. I want a new monogram purse, but I do not like the shoulder strap, please help me to choose a really georgeous one.
  2. My suggestions:

    Speedy 30
    Petit Noe
  3. Now I am between Alma, Speedy and Petite Noe, which one do you think is the most fashionable?:sos:
  4. Lockit Horizontal! :heart:
  5. do u want a roomy one or elegant shape like Sonatine:drool: ? If a roomy everyday bag, i'd say speedy b/c Alma seems a bit more formal.
  6. its between the alma and speedy for me
  7. Speedy.
  8. I think you should get the Alma. :yes:
  9. I'm for the Alma, I think the Speedy is more casual.
  10. le petit Noé:yes:
  11. Speedy 30 !!! Or 25 if you don't carry much. LOVE IT!
  12. HHmmm, I'm loving the Alma now.
  13. :yes: :yes: :yes:
  14. Alma!!!!!
  15. I personally like speedy best, but alma is nice too. I think alma is a little heavier than speedy tho. Maybe that will help you decide.