HELP! HELP PLEASE!!! Need to find Chanel Reissue Bag!

  1. Plee-eee-eee -ase
    Hi, I'm new to this forum. I have been reading this forum and drooling :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: over Chanel Reissue Bag (in a larger size). This will be my first Chanel, so like any other girl I want it to be special :smile:
    Can anyone help?
  2. The metallic reissues (black, dark silver, light silver) might still be around in stores now.
  3. Do you have a local Chanel store you can call :smile:.

    Start there, and they can help locate one for you hopefully.

    Welcome to the Chanel forum too ;)
  4. oooh, try calling NM?? i can ask my SA for you if you like. xo
  5. I called to Nordstrom, Chanel Boutique's (in France too) , Neiman Marcus and Saks. Everyone is sold out...... :crybaby:
    Even on e-bay I could not find black with gold hardware
  6. The dark silver is near impossible to find. My sweet SA tried so hard. The metallic blacks are still out there, however. Make sure to call around to several stores- you will find it! Have faith! And GOOD LUCK!
  7. Welcome & keep trying to call & do call back the same stores later again. Sometimes, it's just available when someone who waitlist & decide not to take the purse. It happened to me. Good Luck!:smile:

  8. hmm i saw a couple selling on ebay a few days back , did you check carefully? there may have some occasionally, so keep an eye for it!

    i saw the grey anniversary one! omg, it's my TDF bag on my wishlist, but i think i'll pass up on it cause i have a black reissue gold hw in 227 and am receiving a cabas and timeless clutch soon :sad: so untimely!

    grab that grey reissue it's gonna be so hot!!! :heart::love::love:
  9. the grey reissue is TDF..

  10. i got one last week and they had stock in chanel hawaii, i think....
  11. ^ do they still have the grey? i love it to death! it's part of my HG of bags!!!
  12. Oooh, which color??
  13. do they have the grey one in hawaii?
  14. I think I saw the black and gold reissue size 228 in Holts Vancouver. Not sure if its still there though.
  15. I believe the black with GH was sold out. My cousin was desperate to find a 226 or 227, but the SA told her that nothing showed in the Chanel boutique system. This combination is a limited edition that you can only find in Boutiques.

    If you are looking for the metallic color, Bergdorf Goodman might still have the light silver. Good luck!