HELP, HELP! Party shoes decision! Vote for me!!!

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  1. OK..I am going to my DH's company holiday party next Sat. and have not decided on the shoes yet.....and I am so torn between those shoes!

    The dress will be really dark gray(almost black)corset style tube dress by Hanni Y.....I wish I have a Pic. of it...but it's at the cleaners...

    I need to choose a pair of shoes to go with the dress and here are the candidates....

    1. The sexy red satin shoes with bows on the back, side.....(and wear my Fendi B belt in red with the shoes)


    2. The metallic water-fall looking shoes(real cha cha, huh? :wlae:) (wear with multiple silver chain necklace by Stephen Dweck)


    3. Black satin sandals with crystals all over(I loce the ankle details!) and wear with diamond(wanna be CZs....:crybaby:) multi row choker and a bracelet....

    What do you think? Your vote will be appreciated!!!

    For now I am leaning toward No.2 or 3......

    Party Shoe Candidate No.1.JPG PartyShoesCandidateNo.2.JPG PartyShoesCandidateN.3.JPG
  2. Kinda hard to say without seeing a pic of the dress....but I do like the last pair to add a little bling to everything.
  3. They are all lovely shoes, but I like #2 according to your dress description. Maybe post a pic of your dress later?
  4. I tried to find a pic of my dress from web, but no where to be found...and since the dress is at the cleaners, I found something similar from the web........

    My dress will be in all one color, really dark grey....not two tone like this one....
  5. OOPSY....forgot the pic.:shame: here it is....the pic is from one's harlow dress..mine is Hanni Y
  6. definately 2 or 3 if I had to pick one it would be 3 , crystals/diamonds work better for evening party ...
  7. I think it depends on what kind of a company he works for and the age group of his co-workers. The following is totally just my opinion.
    I think the dress you describe (not so much the one in the photo) sounds pretty sexy (tube, dark and corset). I think shoe #3 is the sexiest of the group. If sexy is ok for the party then go with #3 if you like them best. I think that pair #2 is more fun and festive/party like. I think it would make the outfit more fun and unique than overly sexy. The first pair of shoes with the belt would add a pop of color and fun to the outfit while looking sleek and stylish.
    I would pick #2 or #3. They are all hot shoes BTW. I am envious.
  8. I really love the second pair! Who makes them? And I love the polish color. Is it Russian Navy by chance? It looks sort of blue.
  9. lawchick - the polish is Blue Satin by CHANEL..I love it! it's deep dark navy blue....

    His company and the people are pretty cool..they are not conservative at all....looking sexy will be OK!

    All those shoes are shoetique101 shoes... I got them on line some time ago.....I've been buying their shoes a lot lately...........

    I haven't worn the red ones yet(not even once) but the silver and crystal ones, I wear them with jeans all the time!

    I think I am leaning toward No. 2 as well, but am going to wait for more opinions....

    Thanks ladies for your help!!!:heart::yes:
  10. Love the 2nd one!

    ^ I love Russian Navy! Yay OPI :biggrin:
  11. i like number 2
  12. love #3! have a great time at the party!
  13. 2
  14. I like the 1st shoes the most..but its hard to say w/out seeing the dress. I think the others may look better with the dress.

    Btw I LOVE your nail polish!
  15. Number 2 or 3 will make the dress go wow!!. I dont see the red heels paring this dress. BTW I love the the nail polish too.